Woman so deep in prayer that she drove right into a house


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I blame her co-pilot.


Well, at least she wasn’t staring at her phone, right? :rolling_eyes:


Nearly a Darwin award candidate.


I was talking to Dog the other day, he was really cracking me up too.


She’s going to get the new car she was praying for.


And the worst part is she was praying her teenage son passes his driving test.


At least she wasn’t playing Pokemon Go!


No Dog wouldn’t approve.


she was already judged by GOD, I’m sure the constitution has something to say about double jeopardy


Don’t judge, man.


Wrong god


Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to catch Pokemon


Now that’s a god I can follow!!

Off to the pub/bar for religious service!


That’s the god I was assuming was involved here - why else does one close one’s eyes while the car is in motion besides alcohol? (Perhaps mental illness [as indicated by praying with eyes closed] or narcolepsy…)


Particularly if she was praying for a safe journey…


Eh. How many people get into accidents like this every day because they’re just exhausted, or perhaps immersed in plain old existential despair? “Praying” is such a loose term.



God was listening too intently to prevent the accident.


The Ford works in mysterious ways.