Woman threatens to sue her neighbor for having a Biden sign on lawn

She’s going to be a very unhappy camper when she has Biden as her president :joy:


If one lives in a condominium having an HOA is necessary because common infrastructures, like lifts, stairs, roof, corridors require maintenance and janitors have to be paid. In some terraced houses you could need a condominium maybe if houses have solar or central heating or a common pool.
I othet cases when house are independent HOA are not necessary.


If it’d been a Trump sign, the 2A exemption to 5.20 probably would have been mentioned.

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Why would she wear a mask? She’s alone, outside.

Now, I’m certain when they opened the door she wouldn’t throw one on, or even have one on her, but still… There’s no reason to wear a mask outside when you’re on your own.

She’s alone and outside on her neighbor’s front stoop.

The few times that I’ve gone to my neighbors’ houses and knocked on their front doors, I wore a mask and I stood back six feet. I put the mask on before I approached their homes. It’s called being responsible and respectful. As you pointed out, this woman probably wouldn’t have done this and she doesn’t strike me as being particularly responsible and respectful.


To be fair though, the scientific name for a group of ‘Karens’ is a Home Owner’s Association.


That’s great if you have the means to buy a home anywhere you choose. Back when we bought our home in the DC area, the only places we could afford either had HOAs or were in parts of town that had high criminal activity (thank you local police, and your google maps display of locations of reported crimes).

Fortunately our HOA didn’t prohibit our two non-negotiable amenities: clothes drying racks and gardens. As a bonus, we could even allow our grass to grow 5 inches before they’d start sending nastygrams. Great for naturally seeding lawns and my innate DGAS attitude.

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Ours says you can’t wash your horse in the lake. I wanna know who tried to wash their horse in the lake and who complained about it loud enough that it had to be put into the bylaws, but nobody I’ve ever talked to has been around long enough to remember.


How avoidable HOAs are varies a lot depending on the area. In older cities and suburbs there are plenty of neighborhoods that pre-date America’s infatuation with HOAs. On the other hand, cities that were much smaller in the 50s and 60s have large swaths of suburbs that are dominated by HOAs. Certainly when I was shopping for a house in the Maryland suburbs of DC, telling my real estate agent “no HOAs” didn’t seem seriously constrain my choices.

I would say that the existence of an HOA is one of the many factors that could influence choice in housing along with view, traffic, floor plan, schools, taxes, walkability, etc. Yes, if you are dead-set on living in a specific community that has an HOA then it is compulsory. If you are dead-set against living under CC&Rs then you add that to the criteria of conditions you establish for yourself when you consider your housing options.

Someone who lives in the suburbs can’t complain that it’s compulsory to get in their car to go grocery shopping because they knew they weren’t buying into a walkable neighborhood to begin with.

Since HOAs become more common as the neighborhoods become pricier and wealthier people have more options, buying into an HOA is a self-inflicted wound.

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In Italy there are some gated communities, but are rare. The most famous is Berlusconi’s Milano 2 http://www.milano2.it/en/ and Milano 3 http://comprensoriomilano3.it/

But normally condominiums have an HOA (sort of) by law. Some apartment complex haven’t HOA but either are social housings or are single-landlord (normally are insurances or banks, but sometimes are actual persons). In some cases terraced houses have condominiums due common areas and services, like central heating. And there are weird things regarding private roads and farmers roads, that is more correctly called road owners association.

If you live in an historic building or an architeturally important buildi there is the Offices for the Protection of Architectural, Natural, Historic, Artistic and Ethno-Anthropological Heritages that could have some say on the blind colours or the restoration one does in a Medival building.

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Perhaps there be alligators, begad!

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