Woman who accused Trump of forcing her to kiss him is running for office

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Honestly, I could really go for some politics as usual right about now.


It’s unfortunate that many people came away with the impression that the problem is unique to the entertainment industry. The truth of course is that many—maybe most—industries are just as rife with abuse, we’re just less likely to hear about it when the victims work in a steel mill or a coffee shop or an office building instead of in front of a movie camera.


Donald Trump forcibly kissed her on the lips in 2005 near an elevator in Trump Tower.

I can’t imagine how many times she had to wash her face and brush her teeth after that episode… My deepest sympathies to her.


Yeah, some people, weirdly, seem to think the problem is unique or worse in Hollywood and the tech industry - because, ironically, the women there have the power and position to get their voices heard. But of course it’s absolutely happening everywhere - reading about some blue-collar industries, the harassment women face is worse because it not only includes what we hear about in other industries, but also things like safety gear being sabotaged, in situations where that could potentially result in lethal injuries.

I know! Sweet baby Dionysus, there wouldn’t be enough soap in the world.
I wonder how many women he’s done this to, as well - if he felt comfortable doing this to random women he literally was just introduced to, he must have done it far more than we’ve heard about.


May I quibble with the headline, here? From what I can tell, Trump forced his (gag) kisses on her, he did not ‘force her to kiss him’. If we could stop casting these things in the active case on the part of the victim, that’d be great. It maybe seems a bit pedantic, but ‘woman beaten’ is subtly but critically different from ‘man beats woman’.


On the bright side, by Trump’s own account, forcing the slobbering, disgusting pair of slugs he calls his lips on hers means she got off relatively easy.

All joking aside, reading that genuinely made me want to go and spit in the sink. There is something viscerally repulsive about Turmp, like a spider or pile of maggots.

I think, paradoxically, that’s why he gets votes. People can’t stop thinking about him (because he is a thing of nightmares), and – especially if they’re not used to thinking – they assume that means they like him.

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Michelle Williams’ org that Marky Mark donated his reshoot fuck-you money to is to address that issue. She raises money to help women in other industries to tackle suxual harrassment

at least he only made her kiss his mouth…not the same can be said for others in his party…

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