Woman's 6-year battle with "Crohn's disease" was really a ketchup packet stuck in her intestine


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Ok, I gotta know, how’d it get there?


It wasn’t a full packet, just pieces of one, so I’m imagining she accidentally swallowed the corner pieces that she’d ripped off with her teeth.


Bon Appetit!


Or someone who prepared food for her was less than careful and it fell in to something she ate.

How do you go six years without some kind of medical scan of your intestine if your doctor thinks you have Crohn’s?


'Merika! Best healthcare systems in the WORLD.

[seriously shouldn’t have to include this, but just in case…] /s


Here’s the thing. I have several doctors in my extended family. They would never let this happen. But I admit that not all doctors are as diligent. That said, having dealt with the US healthcare industry, the problem is less with the care providers (which seem pretty good by developed world standards) and far more for the insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital industries that make it financially dodgy to obtain access to that care.

That said, I don’t doubt some doctors are discouraged by their employers from ordering necessary scans because of or by the inflated cost. But that circles back to my initial point which is that a doctor who caves to that pressure can end up costing the patient a lot more in the long run, along with the pain.

Sorry, I know you we’re being sarcastic. I shouldn’t get so worked about all this. The whole mess that is our healthcare system just frustrates the hell out of me.




Sounds like an excellent means for marketing colon cleanses.

(The marketing copy will of course have to conveniently omit the minor detail that such a cleanse would be unlikely to reach anything lodged in the small intestine.)


The woman has no memory of eating a meal in which she used ketchup packets.

One would think that meals with ketchup packets, at McDonalds, for example, would be utterly memorable. We must be living inside the matrix!



This is my mandatory complete sentence.


Ketchup packet daemon. Much more common than the mustard gremlin, or the relish goblin.


People always scoff at the way I actively manage my plastic intake.

Latest controversy: asked for salt, was passed salt grinder with plastic teeth, looked at it and set it down without comment, was pressed for explanation…


That’s the theory I’m going with. Someone spiked her burger with a plastic packet.

And yes, why would you choose to suffer for six years.


Note to self: never eat anything, ever.


It’s the American health care system. There is only the illusion of choice for most people. Thus, the flourishing market in alternative medicine and illegal drugs.

British National Health Service, possibly. It never actually says in the paper, but it was published in the BMJ.


The original scientific paper shows green pieces of Heinz packet. So it’s not ketchup. :slight_smile:
Also, it happened in England, so only the people against socialized medicine are allowed to be upset about the state of health care. :slight_smile:


somebody likes ketchup on their salad.


Butt joke.


Those piss me off for a different reason. Those plastic teeth don’t even last a whole grinder worth of salt or pepper, whereas metal or ceramic teeth last and last and last. there is a special place in hell for people who think grinding with plastic burs is a good idea.


Well there’s really only two possibilities …