"Women listening to men in western art history"


What the men are all saying at the most basic level: “I’ve told you so many great things about myself WHY DON’T YOU RESPECT ME!!!?”

I’d like to hear again. I flunked art history in college.

Would have been more fun if the Jean Beraud two-women-ice-skating-by-themselves painting had been saved for last and captioned:
1 - “So, there’s this new thing, the Bechdel Test.”
2 - “Oh, do tell me more…”


It’s the absinthe talking in a lot of these paintings. Absinthe makes the conversation grow fonder.

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AKA, the visual history of mansplaining? (ducks)


um, excuse you

the door on the RIGHT is the (Not All) Men’s Room

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It´s funny because everyone knows men only have two things to talk about: sex and war. It´s because of their defective brains.

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you beat me to it - see my graphic, above.

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Pretty funny, but with some of them (specially the Tissot of the old seadog with the chart, which is called “An interesting Story”), I just went

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You’re going to have to explain that to me, because I’m unsure what it’s connection is to the conversation?

I assume it’s one of Virgin’s space plane thingies? (Yes, thingies is a technical term…)

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