"Women listening to men in western art history"




What the men are all saying at the most basic level: “I’ve told you so many great things about myself WHY DON’T YOU RESPECT ME!!!?”


I’d like to hear again. I flunked art history in college.


Would have been more fun if the Jean Beraud two-women-ice-skating-by-themselves painting had been saved for last and captioned:
1 - “So, there’s this new thing, the Bechdel Test.”
2 - “Oh, do tell me more…”


It’s the absinthe talking in a lot of these paintings. Absinthe makes the conversation grow fonder.


AKA, the visual history of mansplaining? (ducks)


um, excuse you

the door on the RIGHT is the (Not All) Men’s Room


It´s funny because everyone knows men only have two things to talk about: sex and war. It´s because of their defective brains.



you beat me to it - see my graphic, above.


Pretty funny, but with some of them (specially the Tissot of the old seadog with the chart, which is called “An interesting Story”), I just went



You’re going to have to explain that to me, because I’m unsure what it’s connection is to the conversation?

I assume it’s one of Virgin’s space plane thingies? (Yes, thingies is a technical term…)


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