Women Only Breakout Thread

And I’m starting a breakout thread to dump stuff that gets too far off-topic or over-bearing. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really conflict averse, but I’ll chuck likes at anyone who’s saying stuff I wanted to say, but lack the proper words to do so. I am worried I might be seen as, like, weird and stalkery. :frowning: so I even hold back on them.

Yeah, see, I like women-only spaces, given the amount of scumbaggery around I reckon they’re mostly a good thing but…

I also worry that the unspoken view of these spaces are ghettos, a way like the greater world is saying “Yeah, you can have this space, we’ll grant you that because you asked and oh, just look how progressive we are. But don’t think about stepping outside it, like proper people…”

I’d much rather any space was one where anyone felt happy to speak out, but reality is way behind me on that score. But this is so often used as a bullshit excuse way of continuing the status quo. :frowning:

I’m not, for a second, accusing anyone of doing this. But the contrast there got me thinking and I’ve enough wine in to hit the send rather than the cancel button. :wine_glass:


Careful; I like making links and forks just to convolute the search space.


Data structure trolling. Oh god.


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