Women should be homemakers and other sexist, anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice stupidity in NFL dunce's commencement speech (video)

Lots of people are angry bigots and they love to see angry bigots spouting the kind of shit that they want to spout… :woman_shrugging: Hence, the MAGA movement…

We can if we work for that. That means shouting down shitheads like this when they go off like this in public. Let them know that they are wrong and their hatred isn’t acceptable. This is ESPECIALLY true of white men, especially in the company of other white men. If you’re around some dudes and they start spouting off like this - let them know it’s not acceptable and why it’s not acceptable. Others will take your lead and speak up too… the reality is that the vast majority of people are NOT like this and if we push back against their nonsense, more will do the same. We got to enact solidarity with each other if we want to create that kind of society for all.

The veggie tales guy has a whole youtube channel where he often speaks out against racism, misogyny and other ills within the evangelical community. He’s a good egg… er… veggie.

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He doesn’t give two shits what women want. He’s telling them that that is their ONLY role in life. Fuck that noise.


As a Chiefs fan, may I just say…go fuck yourself, Harrison. And most of the Chiefs fans I’m still friends with, and there are several, feel the same way.

Also, his two most high profile teammates, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, have a wife and a girlfriend, respectively, who absolutely are not the kind of women to live life the way he is saying they should.


Honestly, very few of us do. Lots because living on one income is just not feasible in today’s economy, and lots of others because our wives would laugh at us, punch us in the face and then leave us if we ever suggested that their worth was tied to birthing children and submitting to us. (I guess I may generalize too much, but I know that would happen in my house, and truthfully, I would not have it any other way. I want an equal partner, not a servant or whatever the hell it is that he thinks women should be.)


No doubt his teammates have already had to put up with his bullshit in the locker room.


I don’t know. He’s the kicker. I can’t imagine there would be much tolerance for bullshit coming from a kicker.


I don’t know anything about American football, so I have no idea about which players would be more or less ignorable than others.


Kickers are incredibly important and one of the highest stress positions, where having one bad play can lose a game. But they are also a bit isolated from the rest of the team. I saw a documentary, and I forget who the kickers were we were following, but because they come out for specific “special teams” actions, they aren’t running practice of offensive and defensive plays for the most part. Their practice schedule can vary wildly from the rest of the team. They even get some special treatment if they are performing on the field.

So they probably don’t interact with him as much as say the Offensive players would interact with Mahomes.

I also suspect conservative views aren’t uncommon in the NFL. It can’t just be him, Aaron Rodgers (who is more coo-coo conspiracy) and Brett Favre. Like most work places, it’s probably a mixed bag of leanings, and most likely they keep that stuff out of the locker room because they need team cohesion and playing football.

As a Chiefs fan, it is a bummer Butker came out like this. :confused: Oh well.


I can tell you that my beautiful wife Isabelle would be the first to say that her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother.

Wow. That’s just…wow. I mean, at least that’s the worst of it -

I’m on this stage today and able to be the man I am because I have a wife who leans into her vocation.

Her vocation? Seriously?

Can we bring back the giant hooks to pull people off-stage?


Next he’ll be giving that speech at grammar school graduation. Forget Junior High School, girls!


Oh I’m sure it’s not just him who feels that way, even in the Chiefs locker room. I just know that Mahomes and Kelce do not feel that way, and as the kicker, while he is important to the team, he is also far more expendable and replaceable than Mahomes and Kelce. Is he the most expendable on the team? No. I’m sure a 3rd string defensive back is probably in a much more tenuous situation, but still…kicker’s aren’t superstars.


Then he should be kicked. Got it.


You’re right, they aren’t super stars. But Butker is one of the best kickers in the league, so I highly highly doubt they will do anything about this. If he was already on the chopping block due to performance or could be replaced by a better player, then it could be factor.

They kept Tyreek Hill around despite domestic and later child abuse (only trading him after he wanted too much money). Rookie Rashee Rice left the scene of an accident he was involved in in Texas, but it’s unclear what happened or if there will be (or should be) consequences.

I know there are other players with other legal issues. And it is hardly unique to the Chiefs or the NFL. Hell, Aaron Rodger apparently still has a job, despite his alt-right conspiracy nonsense.

I feel like Colin Kaepernick is the only player I can think of who was shunned and out of a job in the NFL for his beliefs.

Thank goodness both Mahomes and Kelce seem to be good people with level heads on their shoulders. Especially Mahomes, who is really young and successful, but he seems very smart and not letting it all go to his head or as an excuse to do stupid things. His brother, on the other hand…


Butker is high up there for the chiefs. The chiefs don’t win a lot of games with a two score lead, often the games are close and Butker is kicking for the win or loss.

So thankful I didn’t buy the SO the Butker jersey she wanted! Although maybe a canceled Butker jersey would be fun to wear around town.


“I know gun violence was a big discussion, but at the end of the day, this is degenerate violence and it should not be occurring. I think we need strong fathers in the home”

And this ol’ racist classic taking a shot at black fathers/families.

It’s like his speech was written by fox news bingo card.


I had to Google. Yikes. Their dad also seems to be getting in some trouble.


His own mother doesn’t live life the way he says women should.

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker faced backlash for telling female college graduates to become homemakers, but his mom, Elizabeth Keller Butker, is an accomplished physicist.

Keller Butker has worked in the department of radiation oncology at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta since 1988, according to her LinkedIn.

A 2020 article by the school’s Winship Cancer Institute stated that she specializes in two forms of radiation: brachytherapy and Gamma Knife medical physics care.


Yeah. Because they were kickers!


That figures. I wonder if she called him and said, “WTF?”


And not a word from his team or the NFL? I wonder what the difference between him and Colin Kaepernick might be…?


The empire never ended.