Wordy, incendiary Trump tees


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Where is orange?


I would give it a +1 but for shystering.


Who would buy this shirt? People who hate Trump, but want to say they voted for him? I predict low sales.


Vulgar. They forgot vulgar.

Short-fingered vulgarian is vulgar.


Incendiary Trump is better than Regular Trump because it disappears more quickly. But unfortunately, when it burns, it stinks up the neighborhood.


Ain’t gunna change no votes.


Missed a great opportunity to say, “made in China, t-shirt”…

Then actually make it in china and save buckets of trumperbucks


yeah, kind of hurts the point when you use a racial slur.


Still funny, though.

Ya gotta laugh, otherwise you might begin to cry… and never stop.


Oh, I’ve started…


So the business model is that the average trump voter isn’t going to read past the first 5-10 words?


How did they forget accused child rapist?


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