'Fuck Trump' projected on a building in California's 'Mayberry by the Bay'


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I’m sure this a generational thing, but I’m against public vulgarity like this. A civil society should have boundaries, but ours are eroding. Whether it’s walking around with “Fuck” on a t-shirt or projected several stories tall on a building, it’s not cool.


I wouldn’t say it’s generational. We’re just made as fucking hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.


Yes. This. (By the way - you have a typo, “made” should be “mad”).


I don’t fall back on profanity myself and find it lazy and unpleasant, so to a certain point I agree. That said, until we have a society that doesn’t brush off a presidential candidate who’s the embodiment of vulgarity (short-fingered variety) and who brags about “grabbing her by the pussy” it’s a losing battle and I’m going to shift my priorities about effective protest to more practical matters.


Fuck this phone. Thinks it knows better than me.


I disagree. I myself, at least, don’t swear out of laziness. I swear to express emotions. Usually unpleasant ones.


I’m talking about my personal fucking preferences regarding profanity, goddamit. It’s a free country so I don’t give a flying shit about yours.


Eww. No thanks, I’d rather not fuck Trump. He’s definitely not my type.


Wow, Alameda made the news, like that’s something people.


I generally sympathize. But sometimes, when someone so severely degrades the office; respecting the office requires bluntly denigrating the man.

I’ll live to clutch my pearls another day.


The “but he did it first” kindergarten defence. Got it.


It’s just basic cultural competency - you have to use the language he understands. Or you could just ignore him.


Hey neighbor! I live around the corner from the Tiki bar. Nice to see us in the news for something not totally embarrassing, like the AFD letting Raymond Zack drown.


I lived in Alameda for a short time when I first moved back to the Bay Area; it’s not a bad area at all.

Good on the guy that did this.


Where is Alameda?


I have to ask about this part: “Resistance SF Facebook page. In the closed groups, there is quite a heated debate. Most seem for the bold projections, though some worry “about the children.” Others are clearly pro-Trump and completely opposed to the messaging.”

What in the hell are pro-trumpists doing as members of a "closed Resistance Facebook page? Why aren’t they out slavering over Dear Leader’s Twitter feed?


Well, then don’t look at it.


Hey neighbor, I used to live right near Forbidden Island… but when it was Lincoln’s Address :slight_smile: