Worker fired for mocking company pay with Downfall meme awarded $200k

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Now to make a version showing BP execs’ reaction to the ruling.


We need that video or it didn’t happen


I posted my version of this video in 2012, but at least I did it after I’d already been laid off.
There was a website that allowed you to edit the subtitles - makes it quite easy.


Lucky bastard. If only I lived in a country where the courts and leadership could be counted on for justice.

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Glad he won his lawsuit, sad that it’s petrochemical funds.

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Classic. Yes, if your uniform includes a skull, that’s a bad sign. By the way, here’s Rio de Janeiro’s police special ops emblem


Seems to me that BP didn’t press the issue to absurd lengths because they failed to get the joke. BP’s management was livid that a mere employee had the audacity to make a joke about its managers.

Though, it is a good joke.

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Sad that it’s BP- who I refuse to buy gas from unless I have no other choice and then I only put one gallon in to get to the next station (I never forgot Deepwater Horizon bullshit)

But hell that’s just hilarious

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That is great, haha

I did one, too. It was fun. I made it so that Hitler raged at his inner circle over the suggestion that they use cat videos to stop the allies. Frame by frame, adding ridiculous dialogue… I wished I had saved it.

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