World Cup hosts Qatar seizes rainbow-colored kids toys for being "anti-Islamic"

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Really, the rest of the statement is not needed. The World Cup is not a special differently dangerous time for them, it’s just Tuesday. You’ll probably die if you go there any other time as well. Honestly, even without being in any way visibly queer or having any sort of queer profile, you’d still have to be out of your fucking mind to go there, anyone at any time can be declared to be offensive to islamic traditions (including and especially people who are devoutly islamic, but of the “wrong type”), and subject to all sorts of internationally respected human rights violations, imprisonment, and summary execution.


Is the book of Genesis anti-Islamic now? I thought all the Abrahamic religions were down with the story of the Great Flood.

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” —Genesis 9:13


Regardless of what you think about that verse, you can’t miss the real rainbow in the sky. Did the devil make it if it is anti-islamic?

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Qatar has what 10 days of rain on average? Rain is obviously the work of the devil and anti-Islamic.

Is Pink Floyd banned there?

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So when I think of Islam, think gray and maybe dull brown if it’s a holiday. Got it. Man, it’s so hard to stay atheist with all this awe-inspiring pious beauty on display.

Qatar does not represent all of Islam, just like evangelical christians do not represent all of christianity. There are dickheads all over the world.


I’m aware. Just wondering how such a grim, hateful and joyless sect manages to hang onto its membership.

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Maybe get to know Islam a bit better, then…

Because not all Muslims are like the fucking Saudis or Islamic State is how… I’ve known quite a few Muslims over my life, and they are all pretty wonderful, thoughtful, joyful human beings… Not at all like the autocrats who use religion to oppress others, which is YOU KNOW, THE ACTUAL PROBLEM HERE.

Can we maybe, you know, STOP judging entire groups of people by their literal worst examples, maybe? It’s really getting old.


The War in Heaven is because me and the rest of the queers are refusing to give the rainbow back because the last dude drowned a bunch of people before He waved it.


I have traveled to just two majority Muslim countries so far (Malaysia and Indonesia), but I found them to be quite the opposite of grim or joyless. I am looking forward to visiting UAE and Bahrain next year, COVID willing.

If you get a chance to travel to an Islamic country (even one that doesn’t allow booze), I think that you may be surprised. There is a lot of joy and beauty there.

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That’s why I used “sect” to imply these particular prism-hating joy-stompers. Or in other words, NOT the entire group of people. Granted, that word (and all the others like it, such as “denomination”) are potentially vague enough to mean the entire religion. My original, first post was also more intended to mock how these particular Muslims seem to want us to view their religion as a whole, but I can see how both times I wasn’t clear.

Point is, I don’t think all Muslims are like this. I do think organized religion has an overall negative and destructive influence on the world, but many Muslims (and Christians, Buddhists, etc.) manage to be kind, wonderful people in spite of that, so my apologies for accidentally implying they’re all like these bigots.


Thank you. There is a shitload of Islamaphobia, which has had very bad consequences for real people…


Agreed. I still remember people beating up Muslims (and anyone they thought looked Muslim) right after 9/11, and how horrified and disgusted it made me to see that level of mindless ignorance and hatred. So let me double down on that apology. It certainly wasn’t my intention to support that sort of behavior and I’ll try to choose my words more carefully in the future.


Did Yusuf Stevens ever apologize for supporting the Fatwa against Salaman Rushdie?


I have no idea. I suspect that’s online somewhere.


Had a look at wikipedia, it was a misinterpreted joke doesn’t usually fly here though :confused:

I admit, I’m really not a fan of the people condemning him, but broken clocks, etc.