WWE's Shayna Baszler challenges Graham Norton to a game of 40K after the host teases Henry Cavill for "playing with toys"

Originally published at: WWE's Shayna Baszler challenges Graham Norton to a game of 40K after the host teases Henry Cavill for "playing with toys" | Boing Boing


As opposed to what? Reliving your high school glory days by getting overly excited about a sports ball game? At least it’s not a sad admission that one’s life has had no meaning or accomplishments since 12th grade.


I have no idea what any of that was about.

but I approve. :white_check_mark:


“What are you going to do, Brother, when the Chaos Demons are beating down your gates and your Bolter is running out of ammo? You’re going to feel the cold sweat drip down your face as me and my crew of tacticians, armed with intricately painted miniatures, swarm all over you like ants on a dropped ice cream cone! Oh yeah! There isn’t a backwater planet remote enough for you to hide from the pain we are about to unleash!”


I have to admit I still get pretty gobsmacked when I here 20 somethings openly talking about playing D&D and describing the game they just played last night or talking about some new figure they’re painting. It’s nice it’s no longer something you risk being ostracized over, or made fun of at school. I should go dig out all my old books and figures, all so carefully packed away, and expose them to this modern light of day.


Oh, the number of games I could review!
“Fix my broken hip, you drone!”
“Sure, just come down this alley…this is where the illicit guns for sale are…”
‘Hell, a place much like Newark’, followed by the leader of our party telling the demon to ‘get lost’.
“These Frogs are the good Frogs.”


I always wanted to try 40K, but being a weeb in my teenage and 20s, turning into a general comic nerd in my 30s and 40s, didn´t mix financially with an expensive hobby like Warhammer.
I always wanted to play the Orks thou… They are fun.


In a real fight , my money is on her, 100%.


Henry Cavill is cute and shares one of my hobbies?

Why has nobody given him my number!?

I’d give him a reroll if he wants one.


The first time I saw WH40K tabletop…

“Orks, elves and demons? Is this SF or fantasy?”


In the early 2000s, I think when D&D 3E came out, my coworker told me a story of how he was in a comic shop that weekend and a gaggle of high school girls come in, excitingly talking about a new expansion that was coming out and looking for it. They bantered back and forth about the next game etc.

He was just sort of in a daze wondering, “When did the people who used to tease me for playing D&D and call me a dork start playing??”

And whenever I watched Big Bang theory, I wondered, “How is this show so popular. There is no way the average person is getting all of these references. I am missing some of them!”

I think geek/pop culture has just become much more main stream and most of the stigmas associated with it are no longer there.

Which is great.

One thing that sucks with this pandemic is not spending time with my kid like I would like to, but at least she has discovered Doctor Who and Star Trek TNG in the meantime!


cf. also Shadowrun

I have a suspicion most of these games were developed before people could imagine a role playing game not having a high fantasy element.


I’m surprised that Graham Norton hasn’t yet realised what most of us have known since the late 1990s: the geeks and mutants won.


Personally, I find the most enthusiastic 40K nerds to be as tiresome as the most enthusiastic sports nerds. Doesn’t mean either should be made to feel bad about their particular enthusiasms, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else. I certainly wouldn’t want to be made to feel bad about my own nerdery. At the same time I don’t find this kind of callout charming or funny. It’s cringe, and I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Let nerds be nerds. No yelling on tables, please.

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