X/Twitter placed ads for major brands next to conspiracy theories about Jewish people orchestrating the 9/11 attacks

Originally published at: X/Twitter placed ads for major brands next to conspiracy theories about Jewish people orchestrating the 9/11 attacks | Boing Boing


A note to advertisers on 10chan: The only winning move is not to play.


X opposes antisemitism in all its forms.

X-cept when it drives user engagement and ad views. I say this because it shouldn’t be difficult to let advertisers filter out certain hashtags and the accounts that use them (even if Musk isn’t interested in moderating his platform).


“… Whether or not someone is antisemitic is fundamentally a matter of opinion…”

No it’s not. It’s pretty obvious when people are being racist and/or xenophobic


Point is that even if the ADL had no evidence to support their stance that Musk/Twitter/X was antisemitic it would still be a statement of opinion and thus protected speech under U.S. law.

Defamation requires a false and damaging statement purporting to be fact, so unless Musk can point to such a statement he has no basis to sue.


Good. If advertisers are still on X, they’re directly supporting an antisemitic fascist and his Nazi safe haven. They SHOULD be linked with antisemitic conspiracy theories, and face the consequences. Nobody is forcing them to stay there.


Yaccarino has attempted to do damage control by claiming that “X opposes antisemitism in all its forms.”

I mean, she signed up for that shit-show in exchange for giant sacks of cash but still, what an awful way to make a living. Stride up to the press gaggle on a daily basis and say water isn’t wet and try to forget you’re a soulless shell of a human being. Pretend people you know aren’t happy and at peace doing something meaningful and relevant. Pretend you’re not a walking, talking, human punch line, and reflect on the tragic reality that you will never, ever, separate yourself from that legacy and reputation. From now till the heat death of the universe you will always be that person that did reputation management for a Nazi.

Well played


It feels strange that anyone even needs to point this out. There’s been a proliferation of violent hate accounts on Twitter, thanks to Elno’s takeover. All accounts serve up ads, therefore any advertiser will, eventually, have their ads associated with some Nazi’s rantings*. Anyone advertising on Twitter should know this and reject it, unless they’re cool with Nazis.

*That a bunch of Republican members of congress are eager to actively associate with these same Nazi shitbags seems more noteworthy.


At this point, if any brand is still on X, they’re (in)directly support the fascists. It’s a full clown train there. Thus, I don’t think the ads are misplaced.


They’re advertisers.

Name me a marketer who isn’t willing to shill anything to anyone anywhere for cash.

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Elon sucks.

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I doubt anyone can get close enough to muskrat to say it, but everyone should tell him that it will never be X as long as the domain name is twitter.com. I bet it makes him cry.


He won’t cry, he’ll give the order to deactivate the twitter dot com domain.


Seems legit.


Elon moves fast and breaks things and blames other people for it.

“In retrospect, the whole Sacramento shutdown was a mistake,” Musk told Isaacson. “I was told we had redundancy across our data centers. What I wasn’t told was that we had 70,000 hard-coded references to Sacramento. And there’s still shit that’s broken because of it.”

No, Elon, you were warned. You just weren’t paying attention.

Back in December of last year, according to Isaacson, Musk became impatient with the leadership at Twitter when they explained to him that it would take careful planning and time to move more than 700 servers from Sacramento, California to a much cheaper facility in Portland, Oregon.


But leave the redirect to Twitter on X.


Now I just assume everyone advertising there whole-heartedly support Nazis.


Mastodon: still pretty great. There’s Nazis, but not as many and they’re easier to block.


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