Yet more advertisers flee Twitter over Elon Musk's endorsement of antisemitic tweet

Oh no, we really shouldn’t. Not without some Draconian, enforceable checks and balances hardwired into it at least. I’m available for consulting, though. Reasonable rates, too.


I hadn’t noticed Nazi content next to major advertisers because I’ve blocked them all for the last year or so. All that’s left is those weird gadget-y drop ship ads, for the most part. I suspect that’s why their metrics claim low numbers of ads being served next to objectionable content, people have blocked the larger advertisers.


Not even with snappy uniforms?

[Seriously, this is what “the ladies” in Musk’s grandpa’s movement wore.]


He left a few months before Mandela was released and wouldn’t have had to serve in the army until it was long gone. There he might have met, say, the younger Rassie Erasmus who along with his army buddy Jacques Nienabar is credited with doing so much for the cohesion of the Rainbow Nation by ensuring the Springboks genuinely represented the country.

But you know those guys seem to have actually desired the creation of a non-racist reality.


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