Yikes! Apparently your colon can explode


Jonathan Rosenberg of Scenes from a Multiverse and Goats just posted a letter to Patreon saying that his colon had blown up, and that SFAM was on haitus as a result.


Yipes toxic megacolon? Somebody tell me if that’s it. I’m afraid of the actual article :slight_smile:



“They often evolve from age-related diverticulosis and its associated pathologies resulting from increased intraluminal colonic pressure, including bleeding, abscess, perforation, stricture, fistula formation or impacted fecal matter.”

“Yipes the Toxic Megacolon” would be a great name for a party clown.


This is why I always use semicolons; they’re less volatile.


versus Giant Octopus?


Well now I’m gonna go read the article as a UNICORN CHASER.

Fuck that was bad.


The mileage sucks, though.



I miss Goats.


Yikes! Apparently your colon can explode

I know. I’ve eaten Taco Bell.

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