You can now buy DC Comics-themed wedding rings

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Lantern Corps’ Rings are such a mood.


I actually like the idea but the site definitely reinforces the trope that comics are for me. The site name, the fact that there’s only one woman represented in the collection, and including that abusive Joker, and I’m left a bit cold. The rings themselves are attractive but that doesn’t counteract the initial huge drawback there. (Leaving out the Joker, I’ll also note that the represented men all have heroes of other genders to draw from who have the same power set and often use the same title or a variation of it.)

Oh yeah, and that lack of Green (or other) Lantern rings? Seriously?

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Well, would you really want to give your wife a red lantern ring, or a black? How could that go wrong.

All emotions are valid; it’s how those emotions are channeled that should be judged ‘good or bad.’ The fact that some are considered bad is as much an artifact of the beings that make those assertions as of those that oppose them. In the real world I’d have no issue with giving a partner a Black Lantern ring if the person in question strongly identified with death in some way – perhaps they’re Goth, a mortician, or Caitlin Doughty.

This isn’t quite as deep a commitment as getting characters tattooed onto your skin but it’s pretty close, and I’ve long thought it was a little risky to permanently link oneself to fandom surrounding a copyrighted character that’s still actively being used by a corporation to create content which you have no control over. It could work out fine, but the public perception of characters can definitely change over time, not always in the direction you want. Innocuous characters can and have been usurped in unpredictable ways to become symbols of hatred or other causes. Plus the corporate overlords can just seriously screw up a franchise by putting out a series of bad movies or whatever that you may not want to associate yourself with a couple decades out.

But I’m probably being overly negative here. I’m sure a lot of folks will enjoy these.

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Nah I’m good

Can you get your partner a krytonite Batman ring to use against you if you go rogue? No? Then not not interested

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