You could own the A-Team's van

Pencil and copic me in for Kaneda’s Akira bike and maybe that low rent motorbike from Stink Bomb in Memories (also Otomo’s directorship) that outruns (supposedly thanks to the countermeasure stink) all the munitions.

Checked for the A-Team’s van. Nah. First, the '80s are going to get tested for stuff that might not have presented yet. Then…

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Speaking of A-Team, Knight Rider, and Dukes of Hazzard, my family watched these religiously every week. Budding snob at 15 that I was, I sat in sullen contempt through these shows protesting their inane implausibility. Why not just avoid watching, you ask? What was I going to do instead? HOMEWORK?

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Yeah, that’s more than half the fun…

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