YouCaring shuts down healthcare fundraiser for Hugh Mungus

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So while we’re getting updates, how does everyone feel about Harambe these days?


I know a few ok people who repeat jokes but the vast majority are alt-right kids who think blackface is funny and anyone who argues is “too politically correct and probably a cuck SJW”

It was always a shitty-intentioned meme.

This story though, I don’t really know who to care about so much as that people get the help they need and I’d much rather the Bunker got the coverage instead.


I do like that whale, though.


You would. Killer whales are the assholes of the ocean.


So, uh, who are these people? There’s zero context here.


The Hugh Mungus saga continues (previously).


I live in Seattle and thus am privy to the Bunker discussion, and even still who exactly these people are is a little murky, none of them are activists of noteworthy participation on either “side”.

Literally the only links I can find are on “anti-sjw” subreddit, anti-BLM and redpill blogs.


I tried to watch the videos from the woman and this dude. I didn’t make it too far. I’m sure there must be more to her story, but all I could see is her yelling at this guy because he told her a dumb nickname and she wanted to make it about sexually harassing her.

I didn’t even get right away that she thought it was a dick joke because I’ve known people to go by that name as an internet nickname/handle and they were all large dudes and this guy is a large dude so I thought it was a sort of self-empowering fat joke.

Unfortunately there are just at many people who will see a woman of color accusing someone of harassment and assume she is 100% correct as there are who assume the opposite because of their own ingrained bias.


don’t know who these people are. to be honest, I don’t really care either.


It really detracts from the legitimate concerns about overmilitarization of the Seattle PD and spending 130 million or whatever on their compound instead of local community resources.

Laughing at “SJWs” delegitimizes and tars all the protestors as crazy.

Instead we get this Breitbart style viral clip and no coverage.

Google “block the bunker” and thestranger if you’re curious what’s going on beyond this sad shitfest.


She might as well be a trump supporter. Her spin, tactics, stalking, menacing and defamation of a person she disagrees with are based, not on facts, but her “interpretation” of the facts.

The far right and left are basically the same people, with only a slim foothold on reality.

From what i know of “block the bunker,” this is legitimate gripe and protest worthy. But HM was only speaking at this event to support those that helped get his daughter off drugs.

If you want coverage than do your homework and I really don’t see anyone laughing. If so called SJW’s want more respect than they need show more respect (it’s a two-way street) and pick their battles more wisely, and maybe not harass and call for the arrest of people who did nothing wrong.

So your argument is

“This person did this so all people in her group are just like her.”

Maybe if she was running for office you could have an argument that her supporters are like her, but she isn’t.

Besides, there isn’t really a functional far left in the US. Maybe you are confused by the centre right who are masquerading as the left.


That’s not my argument, it’s my reply. The OP spoke in generalities and I responded by addressing those generalities. But I’m assuming you watched the video and her speaking to those with her, to help trump up false accusations. So yeah she has plenty of supporters as is also evidenced by support for the fundraiser.

“Besides, there isn’t really a functional far left in the US. Maybe you are confused by the centre right who are masquerading as the left.”

There is some truth in that but it’s also besides the point.

Again you make it about this one woman instead of the militarization of law enforcement.

Stick to your RedPill forums.


You seem to be incapable of separating the social issue, re: the militarization of law enforcement ( which I’m against), from the personal issue. Which is "treating people with respect.

And thank you for proving my point. What she did was harass an innocent person speaking only about the help his daughter received.

And she did this by the process of assumed association. She then projected her negative feelings for the police upon him.

Which is what you’re doing now. The left will do much better without the likes of her and you, incapable of separating fact from ideology. And more importantly the willingness to to defame and disrespect those you disagree with.

Again, much like the far right. There is virtually zero difference in either of your actions or tactics, only the ideology.


He has a new page set up. Over 100K has been raised now.

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