Young woman can't keep her hands off Katy Perry on stage

Maybe, maybe.
But I do think there is a cultural thing going on that most foreigners didn’t get. The notion of personal space and such is very different.

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That may very well be, but other parts of her behavior/speech patterns (not her accented english)/actions point 100% to being under the influence. Katy herself is probably well versed in this aspect and called out “she is rolling” quite appropriately.

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Brazilian guy speaking here. I was there at that show (chaperoneing my daughter and my niece).

The difference about how the episode was treated by Brazilian and foreign media is astouding. Brazilian media emphazised how luck the girl was by being invited to the stage by her idol, while foreign media either thought she is lesbian or was on drugs.

@pablomaz Heineken, not Budweiser

@WearySky Yes, we like to grope.


You’re right! Heineken…

Note to self: plan trip to Brazil.


Chaperoning, riiiiiight :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had no choice. My wife was also there with me…

I’m not so struck by the KatyCat’s behavior as Katy’s. It’s a really awkward interaction on her part - granted the girl is kind of mauling her, but certainly you can’t expect a starstruck young girl to be in control of her behavior in that situation. But Katy Perry is the star and should be in control of her own stage. Having lived in New Orleans, I saw a lot of live shows where people did things like run on stage without being asked by the band, or people being asked up on stage and the performers doing some kind of bit with them. It takes skill to know how to work the situation even if the person is drunk, high, or just not that entertaining. Katy Perry just doesn’t seem very natural at it. Maybe it’s her stage persona and I just don’t get it since I’m not into her.

Hey, I’m not judging! :wink:

It seems like she can expect a starstruck young girl to be in control of her behaviour in that situation. I’m sure this isn’t the first time she’s pulled a superfan on stage, but I’m guessing they generally (edit) don’t grope her and kiss her neck, the vast majority of the time.

Is there a “don’t” missing somewhere?

Yes, there is in fact. That’s what I get for going back to edit the sentence to make it more readable. My brain done forgot words.

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