Young woman can't keep her hands off Katy Perry on stage


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Well, who can blame her, really?


I wish the world would stop referring to not-baby-girls as baby girl.


The world didn’t. Katy Perry did to a specific individual. There’s a difference, IMHO, between infantalizing people in general and using a diminutive term of endearment to gamely calm down a dehydrated fan with a racing heart while she’s trying to climb you like a rainbow-colored tree. Context is super-duper important :+1:


I think @RConBB would like that it not even be used in that situation.

Also - weeeeee drugs!


I agree with both your statements.


That would have been really kind of creepy, if we didn’t have ecstasy to blame.


I would like to know how the hell you guys in the press know if the girl was on drugs or drunk. She is young and seems to be very excited, that’s all.


Can’t tell if my sarcasm filter is broken or if you have never been around someone under the influence of mdma.


As is @RConBB’s prerogative, hence the IMHO in my previous reply. But if ever there was any situation where someone deserved a pass anyway, this was surely it, hence my mild snark.

ETA: I do understand where @RConBB is coming from, and I don’t use that term myself. But I also don’t judge people who use it between themselves. This is one situation where a somewhat stressful interpersonal interaction happened to be very public, which makes it more complicated. But my feeling is that there are better occasions to call out potentially problematic langauge than when someone is dealing with a tripping groper.


I’m with @akbar5656. Either you have no familiarity with how x-ed out candi kids act (I have more than my fair share of experience), or you’re pulling a fast one sarcastically.


Watch the video. It’s not us who’s calling it, it’s Katy Perry. And she’s got the best seat in the house for it.


It’s doesn’t matter what it seems to be for me or for you, @ akbar5656. It does matter, regarding “journalism”, the facts. Fact is: no one can possibly know if she was on ecstasy, on the expensive Budweiser sold on the venue or on dirt from Jacarepaguá neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro.
My best shot is that you guys misunderstood her behavior (culturally speaking). Only foreign outlets accused the girl of being high. She really doesn’t seem to be wasted in the video a friend of her made right after that.
Or maybe (maybe; I’ll kind of paraphrase you here) you guys never been around some VERY excited 18 year old girl when you were the same age. Bad for you, my friend… :- )


No, not really. No sarcasm at all.


I’d be doing the same thing if I were up there and not even needing any X… And also facing charges and likely divorce court & a nasty child custody battle. But hey… /#NotAllGropers


“KatyCat”! What a word.


Everybody’s gotta have a name for their fans, now. It helps build the brand.


How about we accept her own words at face value. When asked her name, she makes a pun out of it by saying her name was “Ayani” or rather…High-On-E

I have been around plenty of excited 18 year olds in my time as one and as a parent of one now. Also being well versed in the physical traits of some one ‘rolling’ I can tell you this girl was straight up tripping balls.

And bravo to her to get to meet her idol while doing so and have it captured thusly. We can all only be so lucky.


You’re right, nobody can know for sure. But having been dragged to several concerts of this type by my wife, I can tell you that when a superfan gets hauled up on stage, they are generally not groping and kissing the talent that way. Yes, maybe a huge hug and a big freakout, but all that other stuff seems quite indicative of somebody tripping on Molly. But hey, maybe Brazilians just grope more.


Her name (Rayane) is indeed pronounced like HIGH-anne (“a” like in “jar”, not like in “apple”).
Good one, @akbar5656, good one.hehe
But, no sir, I still have to disagree and reinforce the idea that this girl was just having a good time and became very excited after touching (effusively) her idol. Or not, but no one can tell for sure, and that’s my point.
Well, thank you for the honest and respectful argument. This is not a very common thing we come across.