"Your Name" is the highest-grossing anime feature ever

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I’m just waiting to see how badly they will botch the North American distribution.

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This movie is so brilliant. Just when you think you get it, another plot twist.

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I heard a dub (why?) is coming this summer. I’ll wait for fansub.

Apologies but is it preachy whiney pointy chin androgynous emo kids?

No it is not. It’s more slice of life romance with a supernatural twist. It’s a sweet movie with a lot of heart.

ETA: I typically get bored with straight forward slice of life romance anime but the mystery and the clearly something supernatural is happening aspects kept me fully engaged and distracted letting the feels get past my defenses.


Um… no…? Do you think that would become the top-grossing movie in Japan?

EDIT: Oh, you’re asking if the characters have emotions? I’m sorry to say yes they do. You may want to skip this one and check out Bleach instead.


You mistaken me for enjoying recycled androgeny power creep: the anime

This was advertised all over Tokyo when we were there in August, so I was really pleased to see it come to the UK in December. Watched it in a small screen in the Panton Street Odeon, and I’d say 80% of the audience was Japanese - it was funny how they all started laughing just before I’d see the joke on the subtitles!

Beautiful visuals, sweet story and lots of plot twists. Highly recommended.

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I haven’t seen it yet but some friends were talking about it over the weekend. All the guys had seen it and loved it. Apparently one of our mutual friends in his early 50s has seen it in the theatre 5 times. One comment was that men seem to love it, while women are just like, meh, yeah, it’s all right.

So I’m curious, any female mutants here who could give their rating? (Or if any of the above are female, that I misassigned, apologies).

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According to my wife who saw this movie and is in fact Japanese, your concern is somewhat but not entirely justified.


Good. I want substance look forward to it on crunchyroll.

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She was more impressed with the background visuals than the story itself. Having seen the theatrical trailer myself, the backgrounds did look very pretty. Not sure if I’m going to make the effort to see this or not though.

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[quote=“akbar5656, post:4, topic:95065, full:true”]
I heard a dub (why?) is coming this summer. I’ll wait for fansub.
[/quote]Because the only thing harder than getting a subs-only snob to watch a dub, is getting a worthwhile amount of American public to watch a subtitled animated film.

Though, it is my understanding that dealing with the latter is considerably less annoying.

I am not a subs only snob. There are quite a few dubs I enjoy. But thanks for assuming I am one.

For this (and all of Makoto Shinkai’s work) I just feel it should be enjoyed in its original language. It is part of the whole experience.

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Well, since you’re saying you’ll pirate it - and yes, fan-subs are piracy, especially when there’s already a subbed release, along with subbed discs/downloads on the way - instead of watching a dub(or even just not watching the dub), I’m not sure I can take you at your word on that.

But that said, I didn’t really mean to accuse you so much as have a bit of a laugh at the expense of sub-only snobs. If you are one or aren’t one, nor how how defensive you get about it, isn’t relevant.

[quote=“akbar5656, post:17, topic:95065”]
If it is being release in theaters in the US with original audio (as have many great anime films) I will be there day one.
[/quote]Dude, it’s been all over the same press that announced the dub. Since funimation’s site seems to be broken for me, here’s Japan times with the news. Simultaneous release, April 7, but depending on where you live, some theatres may already be showing it - I already saw it subbed in Melbourne while on a trip. Theatres near you, hopefully, I’ve got my fingers crossed on your behalf.

There’s also a sub release that has some of the Japanese bands on the soundtrack re-doing the songs with English lyrics. Shinkai himself approved it, and he’s also quite involved with the dub, I’m told, to ensure the best experience regardless of how you choose to watch his film.

Edit - if you’re wondering, he made a comment about how he’d see it if it was released, he’s only pirating because it’s not going to be available, etc, etc, then deleted after this comment.

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