Your toilet is your friend, these cool items can help you treat it like one

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The mom and son staring into the glowing porcelain portal is comedy gold!


My toilet is a stalwart, faithful friend, that’s taken a lot of shit from me over the years.


Normally seeing an ominous glow coming from your toilet bowl is a sign that you’re about to meet a low-budget mid-80s monster of some kind.


Just today, I was telling my niece how people have gotten more open about bathroom issues, and how one of my favorite websites has had a lot of articles about bidets and whatnot. And tonight you post this. That is such good timing.

Thank you, bb.

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I have mixed feelings when I see something I own on the BB store site. I (and my wife) do both really like the Brondel Swash 1400 though, keeps all the bits nice and clean.

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That’s good to hear! It looked promising here, and I’d been meaning to treat myself to a nice bidet sooner or later, so I just found a “renewed” model on Amazon for 350 and impulse bought it. Hugely excited for it to arrive.



Poop is big business.

Q: How big of a potential market are we talking here?

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It’s a huge pile of sh!t. That’s my scientific synopsis…

My faithful friend can be sure I’d certainly piss on it if it was on fire.

Cuts both ways. Most big business is shit.

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tenor (5)

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One of my major buying decisions on it was that you can sit on the closed seat lid. I didn’t realize that was a rare feature for bidets till I started shopping. With a small child at home that’s a key feature for me. I ended up having to replace our (80yo) toilet because the seat wouldn’t fit on it. Lesson learned, the measurement specs are serious! If I’d known I was going to have to replace the whole toilet I would have gotten an oblong one instead of a round one but it was too late by the time I’d gotten to that point.

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