"You're dressed like whores!" - Christians vs Comics in San Diego

Does being pro-choice count for “abortionist”? If so, Bingo!
Though let’s face it, the sign holder has got to be hitting at least three of those checkmarks himself…

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Ironically, the pitch for the first appearance of Galactus in FF was famously “The Fantastic Four fight God.”


I would call back, 'Yes, I’m going to meet Boaz on the threshing floor, and lie at his ‘feet’.

So what is the best way to handle these jerks?

Engaging with them is useless. They just spout random bits of bible, and hate. You can’t reason with them. I hate ignoring them because I think poor judgmental crap should not go unmolested. I once saw a young man scream “What about the pancakes!” over and over until the street jerk was flabbergasted, but I don’t know if that is the best method.

I just hate judgmental hate being paraded around under the auspices of religion.


But that is religion. It is judgmental hate, you can not separate the two.


anal and oral sex.


Actually, if there was one thing Jesus spent a lot of time condemning, it was hypocracy.

Believe me, if the whores dressed like the cosplayers at ComiCon, I’d have a lot less money!

(Okay, I probably wouldn’t, but I’d be a lot happier nonetheless!)


I swear this same dude was here last week for san diego pride. I bet he’s a real treat at parties. Yeesh

Cosplay as Inara?


He’s the first guy to come up with the idea of yelling at people about God in the street. He’s one hundred thousand years old.

Yes you can. It’s just that some percentage of people are judgemental, hate-filled assholes, and some percentage of those people are religious.

Non-asshole, non-judgemental, non-hate filled religious people tend not to stand around in the street with obnoxious signs calling attention to how much they really don’t care what you do with your spare time.


Rather than judgemental hate, I’d call it blind dogma.

That encompasses everyone else who isn’t an arsehole about it, but also defines its essential idiocy.

And if anyone thinks that’s still too harsh, consider this: what’s left of religion once you truly open your mind to other possibilities? What alternative is there but agnosticism and a hunch?

Religion: despite the astronomical odds against it, I’m calling this hare-brained theory fact.


I disagree. Religion is, at it’s core, about making a distinction between people, ‘I’m saved, you’re not’, ‘my marriage is legitimate, yours is not’.

No, that is not the core of religion. Those are side issues associated with some religions. You are confusing the Christian Right with religion as a whole.

Many religions don’t have the concept of “saved” at all or anything to be saved from. Many religions don’t consider marriage a religious institution, but a social one.


According to the new testament, the smallest imperfection is enough to send you to hell. Not even requiring actions, just thinking something against what’s written in the bible is enough to warrant eternal torture. Seriously a backwards ideology.

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Parties? Are you accusing him of revelry?

Wow, I’ve known lots and lots and lots of whores but I’ve never seen one dressed like Galactacus. I wonder where he found her and if she charges extra. Could someone at the con ask him and let me know what he says?


Dude seems to be really really into an imaginary being with mega super powers…maybe instead of being so hateful he should try joining the people on the other side of the fence.

Also, if you are going to believe in imaginary super beings you might as well pick one from a book that is better illustrated and not so boring.


“So, guys. As a group of good, loving Christians; We can go to a soup kitchen or old folks home today and help the poor and needy. OR… We can go stand around and yell at people.”