Youth basketball team finally booted for racist jerseys printed with "Knee Grow" and "Coon"


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How about go to fucking jail, “coach”


That’s a special kind of stupid.


Aww, how nice of them.

Translation: We totally thought we would get away with it, but apparently actions have consequences.

Also, that’s a half-assed apology if I’ve ever seen one.


Never change, suburbs of Cincinnati. Never change.


Nope not an apology. You willingly and knowingly did shit that you knew was at best offensive. Being removed from the league should be just a start.


What the actual fuck?


I know it’s very shaky legal ground, but in an ideal world I think the adults involved should be charged with one count of something akin to contributing to the delinquency of a minor for each kid who was exposed to this garbage. We need to stop making new racists. Call it a national security isssue if that’s what it takes.


It’s amazing that team officials, coaches, parents, even players allowed this to continue until the league coordinator finally took action. Why did they think this would be a good thing to do? I hope the teams with black players (if there were any) kicked their god damned fucking asses to hell and back.


Who cares. I mean, what was the alternative, stand on the court until removed by police?

What the clowns in charge of that team don’t seem to have accepted was that it was wrong to start with.


Fuck those fuckers!


Isn’t it great that the children of KKK members get out and play team sports and exercise their right to freedom of expression? /s


The adults involved should be banned for life from youth sports.


Almost as unbelievable as this story about a H&M hoodie for kids:


I’m from the area and I got the hell out asap. Racist shit is everywhere but pretty awful in SW OH.

Back in the 80s we used to call the Cinci police “the Gestapo”. m I’ve been hassled by them for no damn reason.
Officers had a penchant for shooting fleeing suspects in the back since the cops were all severely overweight.

My own parents were pretty damn racist “why won’t those black folks just ‘rise’?” uh, maybe because of systemic racism and structural economic disparities exacerbated by Reagan race baiting and the ‘war’ on ‘drugs’? #1 reason Jeff Secessions wants to roll back cannabis legalization? re-enfranchises a bunch of BS arrests for stupid ‘felonies’.


I am also of the same mind on this, more than one school official, coach, parent, etc saw these jerseys and thought it was fine. The fact that the league had to step in and do something about it speaks volumes about not just the team in question but everyone else involved.


Great tragedy on the River Ohio


Ah Ohio. The south of the north.


Is the coach ALSO a seventh grader?
How did the league even accept them with a name like “Wet Dream Team?”


Being an Ohio native, I can concur; growing up, Cinci was especially known for being bigoted as fuck.

I also left the state as soon as I was able.