Zombear: adorable undead mascot for blue curry

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He weighs 29 kilos and is 29.9 centimeters tall.

Is he made out of lead or something?
(To translate for Americans, that’s something like 60 ‘pounds’ and a foot tall.)


Is Zombear a relative of Pedobear?

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A curry with a taste that won’t die.


How will they ever learn to work with SI units if we keep on doing this?


Is that stuff really blue? It looks blue in the photo, and the lettering says that it’s blue, but I thought the Japanese generally considered blue to be a very unappetizing color for food.


That might be part of its zombie-based charm. :zombie:

The English have Paddington. And they never thought to market a soup based product on him?

He’s named after the railway station. No one who can remember British Rail sandwiches would condone any kind of food that even hints at a connection with the railway.

Maybe in a few generations time when we’ve got over it.

Plus how could anyone make a soup out of Paddington? Sandwich spread maybe.


“There is a feeling which persists in England that making a sandwich interesting, attractive, or in any way pleasant to eat is something sinful that only foreigners do.
'Make ‘em dry,’ is the instruction buried somewhere in the collective national consciousness, 'make 'em rubbery. If you have to keep the buggers fresh, do it by washing ‘em once a week.’
It is by eating sandwiches in pubs on Saturday lunchtimes that the British seek to atone for whatever their national sins have been. They’re not altogether clear what those sins are, and don’t want to know either. Sins are not the sort of things one wants to know about. But whatever their sins are they are amply atoned for by the sandwiches they make themselves eat.”

― Douglas Adams, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


Things are a bit better now.

We have posh foreign sandwiches these days (or at least we do until the bacon runs out).

In some places you can even get them made with something that mainland Europeans would be prepared to accept as actually being something quite close to bread.

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Yes, yes, but can it play the keytar?

(KB is back, btw! Jamming to Boz Scaggs outside South Station the other morning.)

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