A delusional Trump hangs up during NPR interview when questioned about his election lies

Next on NPR: Trump’s Tiny Hands Concert


No he won’t. :smiley:

But he definitely would, if he was still allowed on Twitter.


Same here.


Actually, I pictured him with a salt and pepper 3 inch afro.


They did that in the article about the interview. A few choice quotes, a link to the transcript and audio file, and many many uses of the word lie. It was harsh for NPR. Separated into sections with bolded headers, including this one Trump’s firm grip on the Republican Party, but tenuous grasp on reality


He’s still around.


Imagine the depravity of someone who looks to Dan “Potatoe” Quayle as the voice of reason and civic virtue. Or just meet Mike Pence.


Pumpkin-heads is, as pumpkin-heads does.

…or General Patton. How did he handle fascists?

And a particularly egregious brand of it, too - it’s not just a torrent of arguments, but a torrent of nonsense and vague allusions to “someone” finding “something” that totally supports what he’s claiming, if you believe in him, which some people will.

He can’t, really. Trump’s not specific enough about his claims that there is really much of anything to refute. Except, ultimately, that it’s all a big conspiracy - and how do you debunk that, except to ask why all these political allies and appointees of Trump went along with it.

When Trump makes these vague assertions, all one can really do is simply deny that what he’s saying has any relationship to reality, but reporters are so used to dealing with people arguing in good faith, they try to drill down to a specific claim so they can address it, but it just doesn’t work.


Any time I listen to him, I am literally amazed. He is such a terrible human being. And he has had such success. So many people literally worship him. And he has a very good chance to be reelected in 2024. I do not understand.

No one cherry picks better than him. He can cherry-pick an actual fact

"No sitting President ever got more votes"

knowing his supporters will never grasp the next relevant fact:

"...And Joe Biden got more votes than any candidate, ever."

(Both factoids the result of the US population constantly rising, obviously.)


After the election I was fully supportive of the loser to take their case to court. I naively believed the court cases were to be the arbiter. However, now here we are and it’s actually a little shocking to me that there’s no defamation type of law protecting the outcome of an election. I do not understand how there’s no cease and desist remedy after all election related cases are settled.


When You Know Who said the election was rigged, Inskeep should have agreed with him:

“Yes it was, Mr. President, but despite the voter purges, despite the lack of polls in certain locations, and despite numerous other attempts at voter supression, Biden won anyway…”


he only says that about women


Except Patton wanted to re-arm the Wehrmacht and set them against the Commie Russkies, who he hated even more. If you want a WWII general to refer to, look to Eisenhower.


You take your middle initial and insert it somewhere into your first name. Then you add on the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited.

So I’m Liarna Kassel. And Eric is Jeric Bath

Kassel has 200,000 inhabitants and Bath has 86,000. They’re both cities, not towns, and the centres of their respective regions.

They truly must be metropolitan elites if they have never visited a smaller one…


I found that part of the game tough. For anyone who’s been lucky enough to travel more than just a little bit, and more than just to resorts, it’s not like you keep track of everywhere you’ve been according to population. :woman_shrugging:t2: Like, maybe if they said the furthest away and small, or biggest latitude difference, that’s something.


Yeah, I couldn’t decide either. There are literally hundreds of candidates. Plus, local definitions of “town” vary as well. What would be a small town in America would be a village here and what would be a city in one place would be a town elsewhere.

I finally settled on St. Gallen. Definitely not the smallest town I’ve ever visited (I think it’s actually larger than Bath, which I just decried), but it would be an awesome NPR last name.

Unfortunately I don’t have a middle initial, so I couldn’t play the entire game, even if I were willing to doxx my first name.


I was thinking about using my avatar. Clultch Sanliurfa, signing off!


Well, in that case, and using the Dr. as the middle name: Fadustus St. Gallen. Yeah, that works.


That’s a good one! I wonder what Trump’s would be?
Djonald Chekalin?