A heartbreaking video of Republican folks regurgitating lies to avoid accepting what Republicans did on January 6

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Well said. If we’re comparing to the Civil War, it’s probably worth remembering one of the key reasons the North won were the slaves, who given the chance were eager to desert from their critical role in Southern production. There are always people who are going to fight the fascists to the end because they have no choice. The only question is how much help they get.

It also really amazes me that anyone would think that fascists could be appeased and then rest content in their borders, instead of simply taking advantage to start their next fight stronger.



We’ve already seen the latter, but those were refugees from outside Canada and the US. We’ve seen the fictional version in Handmaid’s Tale.


Appeasement worked so well for Chamberlain./s


It’s a tempting way of thinking, and I’ll absolutely acknowledge I’ve had that feeling myself, but I grew up in one of those “red” states. Even postulating for a moment that it would be a “clean” break, how much worse would it have been growing up there if the RWNJs had been allowed to run completely unchecked? For some very deep reasons, I never want to live there again, but that doesn’t mean I want to abandon those that do want to stay and make things better, or that don’t have a choice for whatever reason.

Then there’s the plain and simple fact that there aren’t any truly red / blue states; they’re all some shade of purple, even if the governance usually goes one way or the other (sans gerrymandering, of course.) This isn’t fighting with the neighbors across the street, with a clear boundary between, it’s fighting with someone that lives in the house with you.


Indeed; looking back to the last American Civil War it would be nothing short of monstrous to say “we should have just let the Confederacy go and allowed millions of Americans to continue being treated as human livestock.” (Unfortunately this still seems to be a point lost on many inside and outside the former Confederacy.)


It’s ignorant and unfathomable.

What happens to all the retired people living on fixed incomes, what happens to everyone’s social security, what happens to people’s property, how do we change supply chains and interstates before mass famine breaks out?

I understand why the terrorists in the GQP want to destroy the nation and accelerate climate change. They want to bring on a literal apocalypse because it’s their actual religion to do so. They believe that they can break alliances with Europe and make new ones using the US military while using it to create a white ethnostate in the territory of the former USA. They aren’t going to take a compromise that doesn’t leave them in control of the full force of the former USA’s military power.

For everyone else it’s about as helpful and productive as suggesting we all commit suicide.

If you sound like MTG then stop for a second because whatever you’re saying, you’re probably horribly wrong. Her whole thing is manipulating panicked people who are thinking like small children into dangerous and destructive behavior. Is that a good thing? I don’t think so.

Indulging that kind of thinking is what has gotten us here. It enables people like the ones in this video to keep telling themselves and others lies about what they have been supporting too: the violent destruction of the United States.


Requblican denial mimics Holocaust denial so closely, you can almost do word substitution:

X didn’t happen!
Those other people, they did X.
But if X did happen, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


Yep, the 1/6 insurrection was totally instigated by Donald Trump’s FBI goading Donald Trump’s supporters into attacking the US Capitol. If his supporters don’t want to take the blame and say that the FBI is at fault, then they’re blaming Donald Trump’s FBI for it.

I guess they don’t realize that.


I believe the logic goes “nothing the government does is Trump’s responsibility because it’s all Deep State stuff beyond his control.”

Which begs the question “if Trump has no control over his own government then what’s the point of having him in office anyway?”


“Logic? We don’t need no steenking logic!”


Yep, this is it. Had almost this same exact conversation with my neighbor. He brought up Biden getting out of Afghanistan and called Biden a coward. I said I thought it was brave, bc most Americans wanted to be out of there but T didn’t do it. Neighbor hemmed and hawed about how T couldnt do it bc the government stopped him. I asked, Even though he had the House and the Senate for years? You can imagine the rest. It’s infuriating.


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