A neural network generated these can't-fail pickup lines


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Works every time.


Are you a Juggalo/Juggalette?


Well, I suppose there are algorithms that would do worse.



I have to give you a book, because you’re the only thing in your eyes.

This one might work at my house.


I want to get my heart with you.

Reasonable internet-speak.

You are so beautiful that you know what I mean.


If I were to ask you out?

Depends on delivery. Coy or cocky?

You must be a tringle? Cause you’re the only thing here.

I’m assuming this is filthy on at least one Rick and Morty universe planet.

You are so beautiful that you make me feel better to see you.

Creepy and needy.

Hey baby, you’re to be a key? Because I can bear your toot?

I really feel the “I can bear your toot” part.

I don’t know you.

Too literal.

I want to see you to my heart.

Too old fashiony.

You look like a thing and I love you.

Simultaneously too weak and too strong.


As was said already, works every time.


Wow. Is it any wonder geeks have such a hard time getting dates with non-geeks?


Who needs a neural network, I’ve been using “I don’t know you” for years as my primary pickup line.

Yes, I’m still single.



Our kids will relate to our grandkids that this was the moment Gramps and Granny fell in love.

Heh. Bunch of y’all think I’m kidding.


I think there’s medical treatments for that…


Is that a Faygo in your pocket, or are you just some kind of f#@$¡#g asshole?


If these don’t work, then bake her some whole chicken cookies.



You must be a tringle? Cause you’re the only thing here.

Well yeah, this just follows.

Tringles exist.
You are the only thing in existence.


Oglaf (need I say NSFW?)


That’s mine. But I do accompany it with a proper display…



So. good.