"A Scary Time (For Men and Boys)," a mockingly pitch-perfect ukelele protest song by Lynzy Lab


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Hurrah, I say. Hurrah.


What is “slid[ing] into my DMs?”


I’ve wondered if the dudes who perpetuate this cycle of abuse but haven’t been outed yet are worried or if they’re all like, “Who cares? There clearly aren’t any long-term consequences… for me.”


She wins everything!


DM = direct messages between users; ‘sliding into’ them means trying to hit on someone via private messages.


and of course (as she mentions) usually beginning with either “send me nudes” or “here’s a pic of my junk you never asked for”.




If you’re a man whose not like this, theres not much to say. You can speak out and correct all the shitty things your friends say and do, but who really wants friends like those. And when women get this kind of thing everywhere, there is not much point trying to get close to them, they’ve heard it all.

Being around other human beings, men or women, does not seem a good idea at all. It’s all good, though, I revel in my safety, not being raped, not being harassed. Truly a proud time to be a man. Just not this man.



It IS a scary time for men and boys, if scary = excellent time for necessary introspection.



Will resting regret face be OK?


“Direct Messages”. Ah-hah.

Thanks so much. Because I was thinking ‘Doc Martens’ and wondering if kids-these-days hinted attraction by putting on each others’ shoes.



Lol I was thinking Doc Martens too


Headcanon: her crowds are, larger, more adoring, and more beautiful than those at the last presidential nomination!

Actual fact, headcanon aside : her fans are more loving.


I’m open to folks pulling on my shoes.


Stop being an L7, Daddy-O.


I though it meant “Doc Martens” too; and, I will have you know, I am strictly straight from the fridge. :wink: