Adult site data reveals 2016's top trends: Melania and Matures are way up

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If you didn’t know, ‘Beurette’ is a hot arab woman. Thanks Google!!


Is this where I point out that Xhamster flooded with weird racist porn on search results right after the election? Soooo gross.


I’m shocked about North Korea. Not their search terms/proclivities, but that they even have good enough 'net access to watch porn videos.


Y-you don’t say.

Guess we know what gets Best Korea’s Fearless Leader off.


Yeah, I know. I thought it was odd that they had results for China, since you can’t access their site from within China without a VPN which would hide your location.

Perhaps you can login and voluntarily reveal your whereabouts?


What a surprise…

[note sarcasm]


I have to hope that it’s bots that are looking for Trump or Clinton on a porn site. Please, dear God, let it be bots.


Melania will be the first First Lady with public naked pictures (and videos, i guess, since xhamster is a video site?)

Putting aside that her husband and therefore herself have absolutely no business being in the White House, I actually don’t see this as a negative. I view it with ambivalence; this nudity taboo the West has is completely outdated. At this point (particularly among the young people) having nude pictures of oneself on the internet is increasingly normal, Melania just fits the overall trend.

My knee-jerk reaction is to say “that’s undignified for a representative of our nation” and according to the mental paradigm I/we are stuck in, that’s true. But I can’t actually defend that attitude.

Ah well, the genie’s out of the bottle, in any event. What a time to be alive.


Strictly speaking, the first one would be Jacqueline - the difference being those were taken surreptitiously.

But I kind of agree that this is probably a good step towards normalizing the reality that practically everyone has some kind of a smutty footprint hovering around the interwebz.

Edit: You are actually right in that those were taken when she was already long gone from the White House, so your point about the First Lady stands.


North Korea?!?
Must be a very small sample size; is that even proper statistics yet?


did not know about Jackie-O. not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing…

It is a bit different, but IIRC there was an ex porn star who was in parliament or what ever they have in Italy, and there have been others ex-models as politicians and/or wives in Europe - then again you can see boobs in some of their regular magazines, so nudity and sex taboos are different in some parts of Europe.

I was a bit dismayed at some of the slut shaming memes on my FB feed and I called people out on it. Yes, yes, I know, lots of people said horrible things about Michelle. If your excuse for something is they do it too, you need to look into getting some integrity.

Attacking Melania or Michelle is only deemed acceptable because they represent the rival party. It is pretty fucked up how people are ok with with bad behavior because they represent the wrong team.


I was hoping this had something to do with butter.


Granted I wish I could un-see it…


i don’t have anything negative to say about melania’s nudes and i think it’s self-righteous hypocrisy for a progressive to try and do any kind of slut-shaming about it. the only first ladies of my lifetime i felt were truly fair game for any kind of partisan attack hae been nancy reagan and hillary clinton and both of them because they became so heavily involved in policy and could have been seen as divisive figures.


That is fair if you attack their polices and involvement and actions. Not how they look, what they wear, etc. Melinda might garner criticism in the future from things she says or things she does, but it shouldn’t be because she posed nude.


Did you just say what I think you did? :stuck_out_tongue:


agreed. exactly my point.


No, no, that’s a beurrette, silly…

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