After Comey firing, FBI began investigating if Trump was working for Russia


First of all, please don’t address me by a diminutive; as we are not familiar with each other like that.



The hell if I do: I don’t “have to” do anything, but stay Black and, eventually, die.

He’s allowed to post his opinion, and I’m allowed to express mine.

Um… I haven’t “gone” anywhere, but I am moving on from this needless derail.

Please don’t address me again.


But you have intelligence and a theory of mind. Trump has little of the former and most likely none of the latter. He doesn’t have any problems lying at the drop of a hat and even when not lying* he rambles. In short, i have to agree with Yastreblyansky here

* Yes, there really are times when he’s not lying, as some statements can’t be classed as truth or lie.



Someone put on their thinking cap! :slight_smile: Why do you think Ryan got out before the shit hit the fan? Remember the tape he was on?


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