After yesterday's mass shooting Trump tweeted condolences to wrong victims


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This is fucked up on so many levels…

I would like to imagine this is peak ⊥rump, but his idiocy apparently knows no bounds.


The abyss has no bottom…


The minute he was elected I thought to myself; “How is this guy ever going to express compassion?”
I had no idea how incompetent he is at that point, but I knew that he would be incapable of showing that he cares about others.


Will no one spare a thought for the assault on subject-verb agreement?


It gets easier when you just start expecting it to get worse. At least, it did for me.


Carla–this post showed up on feedly with a strange screenshot attached (in place of the Trump tweet screengrab). Let me know if you want more details.


Huh, maybe America does have too many mass shootings if even a man as brilliant as President Trump can’t keep them straight.


Perhaps he needs a generic tweet always prepared: “Thoughts and prayers to those affected by mass shooting.” Maybe have Twitter auto-send that on a daily basis.


Even white people of the cool masculine gender? I think that’s going a step too far!


I’m worried about our American Flags. If we keep moving them to half mast, we will eventually run out of mast and the Flags will become soiled.

Sarcasm: It only takes a moment to show you care.


It’s too soon to be talking about gun control. The families of future victims will still be grieving from one of the next mass shootings.


Trump then deleted his tweet. Oops.

Isn’t that illegal?


One year later…I’m still wondering.



Being Trump, the pres there should still be snoozing, dreaming about golden toilets or something.


He can delete it, but they are all archived, so there really isn’t a point.


I just can’t even fathom an explanation for this.


That thing The Onion does, where they republish the same article after every major mass shooting, with just the place names and the number of victims changed, is supposed to be bitter satire and black humor. Not, by God, a blueprint for the reality. :rage: