Against all evidence, city of Savannah claims googly eyes glued to Revolutionary War statue are "not funny"



  1. not really sure it’s a majority.
  2. There were different levels of revolutionary war heroes


…and that’s not a statue, unless he also owed money to Jabba the Hutt.


Well there’s a turnip for the books.


Who is Nathanael Greene again? Never mind. I’ll just Googly him.

Ok, I confess: I stole that from Facebook.


Stoned Stone dog


googley eyes on an object which cannot be moved about is in very bad taste anyway


Savannah, Georgia was founded by General James Edward Ogle-thorpe.

The eyes have it!


Ah yes, the classic drunk student/just plain drunk habit of dressing up any available statue with traffic cones. Never fails to raise a smile, and the ire of those in authority.


My name is Barney, and I approve this trend.


Huh, his eyes do look like googly eyes. I wonder (and am too lazy to look up) if he’s where they came from.


I’m pretty sure he is.


Someone needs to send the Savannah city council an instructional manual on how to remove the stick from their ass, maybe one with small words and detailed pictures.


Sweet, angry Denebian slime-devils! Where ever did you find that gif!


I agree with your ranking. IMO, that humor isn’t less funny - it’s not funny at all. Based on a lot of comedy movies, there’s a big audience that doesn’t share my opinion, but that’s OK. They tend to put examples in the trailer, so I know to watch something else (Bridesmaids was an exception).



Actually, I always thought this was the lowest form of humour:



It says a lot about the state of things that that alone didn’t torpedo Trump’s political future.


You are kidding, right? His base eats this shit up!__ Any chance to belittle a perceived minority is electoral gold. On the otber hand, tney probably would not get the whole googly eye thing.


The eyes are stock!