Al Franken sending Jeff Sessions letter "to have him explain himself"


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"I was raised on lead-tainted water, acorn bread, and skunk cabbage, like my pappy and his pappy before him.

. . . wait, is that going back too far?"


“Jeff Sessions to throw out letter from Al Franken”

"During the campaign, he made a bald statement that he had not met with the Russians. That's not true."

Well, he didn’t meet with “the Russians” – there are millions of them, and even an ambitious traitor like Sessions would find that difficult. Instead, he just met with a Russian, who happened by a happy coincidence to be their ambassador.


AG Sessions’ response:


Today’s realization: We should be asking for the names of people in Trump’s campaign and cabinet who did not meet with Russian officials. It might be a far shorter list.


Jeff Sessions to send Cease&Desist letter to Al Franken.


Anyway you slice it this is a death knell for Sessions. Once again we are provided with evidence that tRump is a career killer times 10. Have fun filling future seats tRump!


Al Franken 2020
Think about it.


I don’t think it’s fair to give Trump all the credit, these people are doing pretty good jobs of killing their careers themselves.


Quit gloating. I won’t let my guard down until every last one of them is staked in the heart and buried in communion wafers.


You forgot to mention pellagra.


I wish. We know from the Flynn thing that these phone calls were taped. If anyone thought the tapes held any interest they have been kept if not they have been destroyed. If the tapes have been destroyed then I think Sessions will carry on. If they have not been destroyed (which implies some people agreed there was something that had to be kept) then I think he’ll resign. He’s got lots of weasel room in what happened. Like Franken said, at the very least he mislead the committee, but the very least (the standard by which people like Sessions are held to) isn’t even intentionally misleading the committee.


I am so on board with this.


Colbert has already proposed Oprah 2020, although I would be okay with a Franken/Oprah ticket.
Srsly, you could run a cabbage against Rage Mango and I would welcome our new sauerkraut overlord.




As Franken points out, “I didn’t ask him if he met with the Russians, I asked him ‘what would you do if someone from the campaign met with the Russians’”, and he answered he hadn’t met with the Russians–

Mom asks young son “what would you do if you found out your sister took the cookies out of the cookie jar?” and the son replies “I didn’t take the cookies out of the cookie jar.”

Oooookaaaay. . . .

I think he knew that 1.) he had met with the Russians and 2.) he was basically a part of the Trump campaign at that point. And probably 3.) they discussed stuff they shouldn’t be discussing which is why it was so important to just deny it all.


Plus, now that Sessions is no longer a senator, it’s OK to criticize his character!


Not enough popcorn in the world, folks.


FrankenOprah? Wait, I think I misread that.