Alabama city councilor proud of racist remark

I don’t know if you saw, but shortly after the mayor was elected the local police chief arrested him for “assault.” He claimed that the mayor slammed his office door on his arm despite video showing no such thing happened.

Bryant has also admitted to previously trying to get the mayor to hit him to “prove” that the mayor is unfit. So yeah the mayor gets second guessed no matter what he does


I hadn’t heard that, no; it gets difficult trying to keep up with everything that bigoted muthafuckas do, because they are always doing something…


Holy hell.

Edit: Here’s the video. The chief actually closes the door himself.


The next headline I want to see about this is “Racist politician gets a beatdown for 5 minutes in front of 30 bystanders, nobody intervenes or remembers anything about the assailant”.



I assume the interviewer is still kicking himself for not following up with the EXCEEDINGLY obvious question.


oh, i can help out with that.

the true definition of a racist, according to these people, is anybody who seeks to subvert, diminish, or critically acknowledge the absolute and divinely-given power of the white race.


Or call out a racist for being racist. That’s what’s truly racist! (/s)


After yesterday’s story on this guy, I did a Google search and… whoo boy, that town has problems. Guys like this have been able to maintain a white, racist establishment in a mostly Black community, and are very upset there are recently elected Black officials, like the mayor.

The police chief had a meeting with the mayor because the mayor wanted to know why the police force had no Black people in it. The mayor reported afterwards that the police chief told him that Black people couldn’t be trusted to police their own communities. The police chief responded by… issuing an arrest warrant for the mayor. He claimed the mayor assaulted him during the meeting, slamming a door on his arm, injuring him. Except he couldn’t show any injuries and security camera footage showed no such event. He got fired. As did a few other racists. This councilor has been at the forefront of attacking the mayor for those positions being unfilled - while blocking him from filling them, or doing anything else.

So nothing new in this particular case, except that the racists feel free to admit they’re racist.


I like Mayor Newton’s quote from one of the linked articles though:

"I’m not going anywhere,’’ he said. “In fact, I take those obstacles and I take their attempts to discredit me as motivation to keep going forward.”

That man has grit. I hope he succeeds.


No, I think he fits both/all definitions. :wink:


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Linencloset masochism, lol.


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The Police Chief wasn’t fired, he just retired after this incident. I’m sure he’s got a nice pension.


Ugh, the fucker. Though I suppose even if he was fired, it would make little difference to his pension.



Part of the reason that some people confuse Ameristan with the South is that Ameristan itself so strongly identifies with and adopts the cultural trapping of the Civil War South. The in Batavia, New York, with the pickup truck flying three 9-foot civil war battle flags and wants Western New York to succeed from the state, even though most of the population of WNY lives in “socialist” Buffalo or Rochester, gives the impression that this is how the South is, even though he himself has never even been south of the Pennsylvania border. He says, “ya’ll” not because he is worried about the gender issues of “you guys” but because he has internalized the idea that the civil war South represents his ideal and has adopted what he considers to be Southern characteristics as a form of his own rebellion against “folks” in the cities.

Likewise, for many of us that have never lived in the South, this guy is basically who we are taking as a prototype of what a person from the South is like. We need to acknowledge that the anti-South prejudice that many of us who have never lived there to the actual South is a construction of racism as well. I will personally admit to having some fear and anxiety about South as Batavia Civil War dude has taught me that “people from the South” are xenophobes with irrational beliefs, even though I intellectually know that who I should be afraid of are the denizens of Ameristan and not those of the South. This is something that I and basically everyone else who is afraid of the South, need to recognize and get over.

(I’m not happy with “Ameristan” but thus far I haven’t encountered a better word for it.)

Well, he used the Clinton defense. That seemed to have worked for Bill so it’s only fair the other side gets to play that card too.

Moving the goal posts by trying to redefine words is a popular sport with both sides of the political spectrum these days.

The sheer naked racism though is beyond appalling. And I suspect it is going to get worse as people like this appeal to the lowest of the mob.

When they no longer feel a need to dissemble or to pretend it was an accident, things are picking up pace on the downhill slide.

In that he got impeached? Over lying about consensual sex? WTF are you talking about? No, it’s not the same thing at all as playing games over racism.