Alabama city councilor proud of racist remark



Well as the Mayor is a Woman I believe the correct response for her would have been to “smack the shit” out of him. Much more dignified than “knocking him on his ass” IMHO.

This isn’t just both-sideism; unless you have an actual example, it’s false. The right redefined “fake news” from “False news sources pretending to be legitimate ones” to “Negative news about Trump that we choose not to believe.” It redefined “Critical Race Theory” from a discourse methodology in graduate schools to being anything that is taught about racism in grade school. Are there comparable examples that the left has perpetuated?


I am referring to his word games over the meaning of “is”.

Arguing over definitions of words like this. A tactic both sides use, if you read all my post you will note I heap scorn on both and then redouble for the racist jerk.

Politicians as a class rarely give a straight answer when called out and I despise that sort of thing from any portion of the political spectrum.

The racist isn’t debating the meaning of IS, he’s trying to get out of being in trouble for saying something blatantly racist by saying there is no real definition of racist… which is utter bullshit. What he said was obviously and patently racist. This isn’t anywhere near dog whistling.

How about we stop pretending like the modern GQP isn’t full of fascist and racist, shall we? This is NOT the same thing as the Clinton impeachment, as they were on an actual hunt to find ANYTHING to stick to him and the only thing they found was a consensual affair… which of course Newt Gingrich was known to do and of course know we know Ken Starr was bending over backwards to defend a man trafficking literally children.

They are tearing our country apart. we need to stop acting like this shit is just normal levels of political corruption. They want to turn this into a white Christian ethno-state… Seriously… wake up. We’re well past “both sides” nonsense here.


But don’t you understand? This steaming, rancid, putrescent, acrid, corrosive, radioactive puddle of mixed feces and gangrenous body parts on one side and this candle of a scent I find mildly displeasing are exactly the same! /s


Zero Diff


The Mayor is a Black man, but the asshole city councilor used the slur against Veronica Freeman, a fellow city councilor and Black woman.


Please drop the ridiculous “both sides” shit.


Seriously, the phrase “both sides” needs to be given the ■■■■■ treatment.


Something one dude did, was mocked for, then punished for the deception contained within? It also isn’t comparable because Clinton’s bullshit in that instance hinged on the difference between verb tenses, is versus was, rather than the wholesale redefinition of words. When you both sides an issue by bringing up old, poorly comparable things, you aren’t showing an enlightened knowledge that misbehavior happens everywhere, you’re providing cover for the bad actors doing it now. Clinton’s testimony happened almost 23 years ago.


I should have read that closer. She still should have slapped him.

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No, really the candle scent that’s mildly displeasing is ACTUALLY WORSE, cause it should know better… /s

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The word “odious” comes to mind.

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