All 12 boys rescued from Thai cave


My favorite response…

She must not realize yet that they were brown.
— Trish Thornton (@trishyb2000) July 10, 2018


Yes, if only everything had been completely different then maybe his grandstanding could have been effective.


Underground radio.


Your argument – that we don’t know if it would work – works both ways. The truth remains that Musk wanted to send in untested technology, so he could play big damn hero, while kids’ lives were at stake. All of @RickMycroft’s concerns are valid, real-world rescue considerations. There is no evidence that Musk had an answer for those. They would be tested “live” which is fine for a computer program (maybe) or a post-hole digger (maybe), but not a tricky search-and-rescue operation. One person had already died under known risks, and he wanted to add a bunch of unknown w ones and is now whining because nobody really wanted to play with his shiny toy, and that they succeeded without him.


It looks like Tham Luang goes back a lot further than Pattaya Beach where the kids were.’s_Top_Twenty_A_guide_to_the_longest_and_deepest_caves_in_Thailand

Musk's metal capitalism penis


Spot on, though. Alexandra Erin seems pretty great.


There seems to be a study along these lines now, that having more money (and the power that goes along with it) actually seems to make people less empathetic. But we know that in how capitalism actually functions - people at the top tend to be far less generous and empathetic than those with much less.


priming made no difference to the lower classes. They always showed compassion to the latecomer. The upper classes, though, could be influenced. Those shown a compassion-inducing video behaved in a more sympathetic way than those shown emotionally neutral footage. That suggests the rich are capable of compassion, if somebody reminds them, but do not show it spontaneously.


Honestly, anyone who really thinks that answers to problems are some untested science is being pretty naive. Yes, technology and science can be a huge help to the problems that face humanity, but we also really need hard work to deal with out problems as a species. THIS is actually why we need the humanities, too. Because sure enough, this was a major logistical problem (which was solved using already existing technology. But we needed a human touch here, because, as others pointed out, this was also a problem of getting out 12 hungry, tired people, mostly kids, who were going to need some empathy, compassion, and coaching to get out of that cave. You need to have the humanities to help you get better at things like empathy and compassion, I think. Our sense of humanity and shared experience is heightened by studying art, literature, and history.


That’s the one I was thinking of, thanks. Although I have to say, I read that and was like “well, no shit!”


This is going to be quite a movie.


Tech. It’s really untested tech. (wades back in to be pedantic)


Really? Sorry I was not perfect in my wordage. I’ll try better next time.



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