Analyzing 800 daily tweets that say "Today was the day that Donald Trump became president"

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This post hurts my brain because:

  1. Why would someone just keep tweeting the same thing?

  2. Why would someone spend the time to analyze that data on those tweets?

  3. Donald Trump is the president.


For an answer to 1 and 2, see 3


Just for some context, Megan Amram is a comedy writer and producer for shows such as The Good Place, The Simpsons, Kroll Show, Parks and Rec, and more.

She was also nominated for two Emmys for comedy web series, An Emmy for Megan.


But is today the day he became president?


Fom The Sacrifice (Andrei Tarkovsky):

You know, sometimes I say to myself, if every single day, at exactly the same stroke of the clock, one were to perform the same single act, like a ritual, unchanging, systematic, every day at the same time, the world would be changed.
Yes, something would change. It would have to.
One could wake up in the morning, let’s say, get up at exactly seven, go to the bathroom, pour a glass of water from the tap, and flush it down the toilet. Only that!


The joke is that a number of people assured us that although Trump had never acted in a way that was dignified and considered (i.e. “presidential”), he would do so once he took office. Once he took office, the press optimistically began to look for instances where this had finally happened. It never has.

Thus the joke. As for the analysis, if nothing else, it provides a window into when that statement is most ironic, given the response to the tweets.


@doctorow She never capitalizes “trump”. I think that’s important.



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It also might be some clever type of poll, where the trend of likes, retweets, etc. sort of tracks trump’s popularity over time.


he does not deserve a capital letter.


ᵗrump is even more apropos.

It’s a take of those talking heads on Fox News and the like that would use that line when Trump ordered a bombing run in a country or tossed some paper towels to Puerto Rico hurricane survivors.

This twitter experiment might give a loose correlation to the day to day popularity of the President. The propaganda bots that troll Twitter are very prone to picking up on this tweet and retweeting it when it matches their message for the day.




I’m so looking forward to, “Today was the day that Donald trump was finally arrested”

I’ll also accept:

  • got lost and ended up on the wrong side of the border
  • was retrieved by aliens
  • found Jesus, and Jesus wasn’t amused
  • ate for free at the Heart Attack Grill
  • was visited by three ghosts and learned compassion and empathy
  • wandered too close to the lion’s enclosure
  • forgot which hole the fork goes in
  • rode off into the sunset while saying something racist, leaving behind a silver bullet that’s really off-brand chocolate
  • admitted he thinks all of his supporters are fucking idiots
  • shot a man on 5th avenue, and in an M. Night Shyamalan twist… he was that man!
  • hugged a Mexican with passion
  • said something about a woman that wasn’t insulting or sexist
  • got to the point in less than five words, and didn’t circle around like a pretzel
  • shared his “taxes” while laughing and winking
  • finished transforming into his final boss form
  • ate the wafer thin mint
  • apologized, sincerely, for something

Because Kristen Schall is a horse?


Even better than an Emmy nominee (in my book), she is a Hugo nominee this year!

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

  • The Expanse : “Abaddon’s Gate,” written by Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck and Naren Shankar, directed by Simon Cellan Jones (Penguin in a Parka / Alcon Entertainment)
  • Doctor Who : “Demons of the Punjab,” written by Vinay Patel, directed by Jamie Childs (BBC)
  • Dirty Computer , written by Janelle Monáe and Chuck Lightning, directed by Andrew Donoho and Chuck Lightning (Wondaland Arts Society / Bad Boy Records / Atlantic Records)
  • The Good Place : “Janet(s),” written by Josh Siegal & Dylan Morgan, directed by Morgan Sackett (NBC)
  • The Good Place : “Jeremy Bearimy,” written by Megan Amram, directed by Trent O’Donnell (NBC)
  • Doctor Who : “Rosa,” written by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall, directed by Mark Tonderai (BBC)

Back in the early days of the Twitter, Megan Amram’s Twitter feed was one of the few I paid attention to (whereas now I don’t give a shit at all), she would post several very funny one-liners a day that had a certain surreal quality to them, sometimes similar to Stephen Wright or Steve Martin. Obviously this is a running gag on her part. The data on the spread sheet is perhaps only meaningful if someone lines each date up with whatever Donnie did that was in the news that day. And even then it may not be meaningful-- can we even know why people who like or retweet did so-- are they in on the joke or taking it seriously?


Not just popularity, but I suspect it specifically tracks, on a daily basis, when he does something particularly idiotic or grotesque (at which point the tweet of the day becomes particularly ironic and thus noteworthy). That it’s dropping in popularity shows how Trump-fatigue is taking hold, how the irony loses its power over time and constant scandals.

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The same old joke will get a lot funnier at that point, if that point is ever realized.