Angry religious people wander around Target yelling about bathrooms

I was part of a SAP horror story. The system vendor had to retract the press release with the proud headline “First operational SAP installation with duty roster management in a hospital” after we canceled the HR part of the implementation and bought a working software. (cause of my first grey hairs…)


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Personal experiance. Mostly from trying to be someone my nephew can come to without feeling like he’ll have a coal scuttle full of anvil drumped on his head while still trying to steer him into being proactive about life? If people don’t like you they’ll find ways to segregate you from their kids. The trick, one i haven’t quite picked up on, is how to appear like a non-threa while still teaching progressive values, or at least be a source of comfort when someone feels likeall they have to see in meatspace is examples of how they’re wicked/weak/stupid.

Those kids need someone like that, because goddamned that woman has problems. I wish she could get help and those kids could be put in a more positive enviroment.

If she’s quiverful though it’s likely she’s dirt poor (the duggers are a shit example precicely because they have money. Most quiverful don’t because that money literally gets eaten up by the kids.) I just… y’know. it’s a shitty situation to see the font of hate and not be able to stop it.

It’s far worse when that person identifies as a group you feel you’re part of (christianity in my case) and seeing the ideology you saw focused on love and help and tolerance used to spew toxicity. The world’s shit as is, please stop making it worse.


Love your neighbor as yourself…

So they all have self-esteem issues?


Yeah, you’re right. I suppose gripe is more with “cranky religious people”.

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Sadly, I think you’re probably right. Whatever bigoted attitudes my grandfather had, his acting on them went as far as yelling at the TV etc. (and in that context he could be very vocal about whatever pissed him off). However, he didn’t make a vocation (nor even a hobby) out of it.


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Did you hear about the hep-cat cannibal?

He ate three squares a day.


As in, the Buddhists and Taoists that I personally know.

Are there hateful angry lunatics within any given religious group?

It’s very likely, considering what we know about human nature.

And thanks;

I am, aren’t I?


The peers I grew up with by and large are pretty progressive. There are absolutely some exceptions. But we were all born and raised in the Bay Area.
My wife is from a small town in the midwest - the reactionary/progressive pie chart of her facebook friends from that part of the world looks a little different than mine.

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I enjoyed watching friends move from left to right as they graduated university and started paying income taxes.


FTA, “This is not a problem with the SAP software itself…” Because SAP can’t fail. Only we can fail it.


I’m WAY more liberal than I was back in my late teens, early 20’s when I came of political age… And I make more than most of my peers. All the ones that are super conservative are all like religious freaks and stuff. Which is weird, I don’t remember that from over 30 years ago. But then again, that was over 30 years ago…


Yeah a lot of us here feel that way. The only way I have become more conservative is more of a real old school text book definition of change isn’t bad but you know maybe we shouldn’t test the depth of the pool by jumping in head first either.

ETA and there are a lot of changes in our culture that are way overdue so full freaking steam ahead with the change and to hell with the haters.


I found that those who didn’t go to university didn’t make the shift, being in the workforce earlier. But those in University tended to lean left in the “government should pay for everything” way. Once they graduated, started work and noticed 28% of their income taxed away immediately - BEFORE paying federal and provincial tax on everything they bought - their outlook tended to change.

Personal opinion time. I have a special dislike for men that think that just because they’re able to donate sperm means they are supposed to be the unquestioned head of the family and dictate how the mother acts, especially when by the time you get that many kids you mostly hand the little ones off to be raised by the big ones, who you monitor for the sake of making sure they stay indoctrinated.

It’s why I hated ___ kids and counting_ long before the molestation came out. The show was 'Papa dugger builds a cult where he is its head and has an audience and pulpit all after they had a fucking compound built for them courtesy of ABC’s ‘let’s give people a theme house.’ No you are not wise or good or even remotely moral to my eyes. You sir are a controlling possessive assbag that are the reason the rest of us men have to work our asses off to prove we’re not all like you.

Christ, what an asshole does not even begin to cover it.


In my case it seems more than a few of them, ah, lived more than I did back when I knew 'em.

Here, hold my beer…



You just described half my family, with the other half egging them on.

Yay southern stereotypes that live up to the real thing.


It’s not much different up nort der, eh.