Area mom definitely enjoying first day of school


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Could her joy be related to suddenly not having five kids demanding entertainment all goddam day? Na, probably she just tripped or something.


I hear that! It’s been a long summer. When I dropped off the kids at school on Monday, I was left only with RatBoy the Younger. I wish I’d gotten a picture of his face when I told him “It’s just you and me now, buddy!” I’m still not happy with how little he’s talking at 26 months, but he’s mastered swimming this week, so call it a win.


I always loved back-to-school shopping, though. Even when I hated school. I’m feeling a bit bereft this year because I have no one to do it for.


This is hazing to me on a day when a hurricane shut down the schools. :dizzy_face:


I thought this was a case of the Onion being mistaken as real news again.


Why does she hate her kids so much?


Shes just happy they are getting an education.


Ain’t that just the perverse love between parent’s and kid’s! Kid’s know they’re demon’s. They know it’s their job to drive their parent’s batshit, barking mad and they revel in it. And they also know they’re doomed to grow older and lose their cherished roles of being beloved demented souls. Look at those guys…They know this round has fallen to mom. They are also plotting in their cracked little skulls about new ways to leave her lip-flubbing nuts. She too knows this is only a minor battle. The war goes on…kids and parents ain’t it great.


Even when I was in school and hated it, I still loved getting the supplies. Even today it’s hard to pass up new pens and fresh notebooks.

But I feel bad for the kids when the back to school displays get set up a month before school starts again. Mean!


Nice to see Momma Cass is still active.


If only; she was awesome.


Am I the only one who liked going back to school? Sure, it was a little melancholy to leave summer camp or Europe or wherever, but I don’t remember ever being actively bummed about classes starting.


We work from home, so it was a relief to have the kids go back to school. My kids have this thing where they need to show me what they’re up to every few minutes, and that makes it hard to really buckle down and get some work done.

…but now that they’re back in school I find myself staring out the window and wondering what my kids are up to.


As a stay at home father during the school holidays (and not otherwise) I hate the return to school.



Daww, the second kid from the left is going to melt from embarrassment


No, not just you. I loved going back to school.


School doesn’t start until September 6 in Michigan. :neutral_face:


Oh, they all look pretty amused to me.