Arnold Schwarzenegger to white supremacists: your heroes are losers


Well, I mean, a dead dog on an anthill would be a better president than tRump. It’s a pretty low bar. If you’re not threatening to kick off WWIII then you’ve already hopped over it.


He does have that baseball-glove-chewed-by-hyenas look doesn’t he.


Six times, from 1970 to 1975, when he retired from competition, plus once more in 1980.


Okay, at least twice.


I love when he says Tumor.


Disclaimer: I haven’t watched the video, and I probably will never.

But reading the comments here made me uneasy about one thing: the tumour analogy that keeps popping up. Whenever someone does call a group of people to be removed and links then to an illness or suchlike, I am on my toes.
That said, I would happily concede Nazis must be shunned. Never again is an imperative.


The tumor analogy is meant to answer the reflexive denial of systemic racism & bigotry; “that’s not us.”

But in reality, YES, IT IS;
Racism, exploitation and inhumane treatment of the most vulnerable people is inextricably intertwined with the foundation and advancement of the US.

To remain in denial of that ugly fact is to fail to learn the important lesson therein.

So just as if one gets a malignant growth in one’s body, one cannot claim that such a tumor is ‘not a part of them’; it is and just ignoring it won’t make it ‘disappear.’


Thanks for clarification.
I think I suspected something more populist from Schwarzenegger, and apologise.


No need to apologize; I understand your reticence to watch the vid.

I was not living in CA back when Arnie was elected governor, but I remember wincing and shaking my head about it; because merely being famous is not a valid qualification for leadership, IMHO.

That said, regardless to his actual motivation for posting it, the message Arnie delivered resonates; particularly where he makes it anecdotal and references having known real Nazis personally, and rebuking them as “broken men filled with shrapnel and shame.”


Quite a lot of them.

Two out of the last four Australian Prime Ministers were foreign born.


He makes a great point and it was a good speech (thought the cuts were a bit off putting). But, you know, as much as I would love to see Conan run on the platform of “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women”, making a few good speeches probably isn’t enough to revise our criteria for president :wink:

Well we had one, and he wasn’t as bad as we were lead to believe - badum ching.

But seriously, you have any Canadians? Because they are right next door and changing the law opens up the possibility of President Justin Beiber.


Now there’s a prime example of ‘damning with faint praise’ if ever I heard one.


“Is the “better than trump” margarine poisonous, or venomous?”


Threat or menace?


Slightly off topic (and possibly out of line, apologies in advance), but just for fun, re-read the discussion about whether it makes sense that the President has to be a natural born citizen or not.
And while you do this, replace “natural born citizen” with “not a Muggle-born” and “President” with “Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot”.


And I have to assume that by this point there is a story line where he did.


Yes, Lex Luthor’s successful Presidential bid was a major comic story arc around 2000-2003 and has also been a plot point in at least a couple of animated adaptations.

However in the comics Lex resigns his position at LexCorp to avoid professional conflicts of interest before taking public office, because even a goddamn comic book supervillain can hold himself to higher ethical standards than the guy currently sitting in the White House.


Or, shall we say, that even a comic book author didn’t have the imagination to conceive of the alternative?


Well, in case you needed any proof that superhero comic books are make believe, this is it.


I would have thought that they did, but rejected the idea because it needed too much suspension of disbelief.