As election looms, Mormon church tells women to leave social media for 10 days


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Fucking Morm^Hons


Well, one way to deal with the gender gap, I guess.


This is just the old-fashioned “Cult of True Womanhood” scam, where they tell you women are “too pure for politics”, and shouldn’t, y’know, vote or run for office because really, women are above all that.


I’ll see your ten days, and raise you one for-frekin-ever.


These dried-out old prunes must be truly scared if they’re risking their tax-exempt status to pull this stunt.


america, where misogyny is standardized, institutionalized, protect under the guise of “freedom of speech” and bonus! a tax write-off


Hopefully Mormon women realize this is exactly why they must vote. (And maybe consider getting out of a religious cult. (And I would say that about all religions, not just Mormonism).)


Translation: take off work for 10 days (if feasible) and do nothing but social media activities.


Why just the wimminfolk? Why not everyone? Hopefully if something that might change your mind one way or another appears in the 2 weeks prior to an election, it will be covered in the newspapers or broadcast news, and social media’s WHARRRGARBL can be discreetly ignored.



As for this, just, wow.




I suppose it would be the height of insanity for me to suggest that they ignore what the Mormon church tells them?


This woman is to busy trying to kick old white misogynistic assholes to the curb to bother with social media. I do hope a significant number of other women are with me on that.


There are so many de facto aristocratic structures building in the United States right now that it is no longer race to the bottom it is become a race to the kingship.


‘Parker is a member of Mormon Women for Ethical Government’

Didn’t the Mormons just announce that we’re meant to stop calling Mormons Mormons?


If only they didn’t have the right to vote but hopefully that’ll get fixed soon




Hey, Prophet Nelson, I got a prophecy for ya…this is not going to go the way you think.


As a member of the oft-maligned faith, may I offer some additional insight and clarification?

This is the 3rd such time this year that a “social media fast” (voluntarily abstaining from consumption of social media platforms) has been suggested, each time to a different audience - youth and general audiences have also been encouraged to participate at different times. Not a complete removal, but “taking a break” so as to contrast one’s life with and without an incessant stream of stimulation, whether for good or for ill (the opinions expressed in the church tending to classify such stimulation as something akin to a demoralizing bombardment of social-status one-upmanship which distracts from more “real” interpersonal connection).

Contrastingly, the church has also recommends social engagement and outreach using these same tools, and always encourages political engagement, though without explicitly dictating positions or policies on anything other than “moral” grounds (no explicit candidate endorsements, etc.). We are urged to be involved, to vote, volunteer, campaign as we see fit, with no respect of station or gender.

I personally feel the timing in this case is unfortunate, for the same reasons as the poster. Politics and social media tend to be deeply entwined (in both inflammatory and informative ways), and it would lessen the effectiveness of a crucial communication tool during a sensitive time.

I would propose as a solution, if one were to heed this completely voluntary invitation for such a fast, to simply postpone it until after the election cycle. One’s civic duty should probably take priority here.

Also by way of context, lest I be classified as some rote-obedient apologist: I tend to vote democratic, and for socially progressive agendas favoring equality, equity, and universal freedoms & rights. One of the reasons I moved to the northeastern USA (as opposed to more predominantly white-Evangelical mid-western USA) is for my vote to have more of a chance of making a difference.