As election looms, Mormon church tells women to leave social media for 10 days


Hm, I guess I’m not clear on something.
Isn’t it kind of a big deal just now to dump FB permanently?
How then is dumping it temporarily a worse thing than to just keep on using it?


Maybe, but have the male leaders ever been asked to abstain from social media outside of the general recommendation as the women and youth have been?


Risk their tax exempt status? They don’t have anything to worry about. Not until trump and the rest of the GOP and the evangelicals realize they don’t need Utah to win elections anymore. Then, they’ll be labeled as false prophets. Then, maybe they’ll lose their tax exempt status. But that’s far into the future, when Amerika is great agin.


I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, but if the Pope told me I need to stay off Facebook and Twitter, I would sign up instantly.


Thanks for the memories…


Yes and no - the first time the concept showed up was in June of this year. The church’s General Conference happens in April and October, with 4 general sessions each plus a Men’s session in April and a Women’s session in October. Thus as a church-wide Men’s audience there has yet to be an opportunity to do so.

However, the recommendation to men has been made at the regional (“Stake Conference”) meetings, which in my neck of the woods happened on September 30th.

Also worth noting that such proscriptions are rare outside of the health code (and pornography), with messages instead trending toward assisting neighbors and/or fellow-members through service, support, and achieving self-reliance (more “try to do this” and less “don’t do that”).


He always looks like such a sourpuss, like he’s sucking on lemons. Maybe he should smile more.


He’s got resting elder face syndrome


Honestly, if he had just said everyone take a social media fast before the election, I would have said, “Good on ya!”


“many Mormon women like Parker rely on social media for their incomes: Multi-level marketing, for example, is the second-biggest industry in Utah behind tourism.”

I’d just like to take a moment to recommend The Dream podcast. The most recent episode, number 4, was particularly good.


There is a possibility I might move to SLC next year, and I’m wary enough about this kind of fuckery that it’s impacting my decision.


“At 50 94, everyone has the face he deserves.”
–George Orwell


They should get some kinda special underwear that can protect them from social media.


Better idea: take a 10 day break from Mormonism right before the election.


Specifically, he said:

I invite you to participate in a 10-day fast from social media and from any other media that bring negative and impure thoughts to your mind.

It was not expressly limited to “invite you women”, though it did happen to be in the General Women’s Session. While one could argue that by providing it in that session he meant it only for women, that would probably be a disingenuous interpretation based on how such council has been delivered previously.


There is definitely some of that, particularly amongst the more naive elements of the monoculture.

The counterculture, on the other hand, is amazing - perhaps because they have that nice contrasting element to work against - and my guess is you’d appreciate it. The art scene especially is thriving, and outside the mainstream tends to be incredibly supportive of one another (and can find plenty of less-naive allies across the board too).

Worth a tour. It’s a very clean city, and has a lot to offer on the outdoors and natural beauty side of things as well. Fair warning about the airflow inversions though - the smog can get pretty nasty some times of the year, and can be exacerbated by wildfires even hundreds of miles distant.


I think they’d better stick with “Mormon.” It’s the most polite name I have for them.


I believe what they objected to was calling the church “the Mormon Church”, not calling individual Mormons “Mormons”.

That’s still silly though, and speaks to the same kind of mummified self-absorption that would lead you to fail to see the problem with suggesting to women that they seclude themselves from the public sphere right before an election.


Timing is everything.


Temporal location! Temporal location! Temporal location!