At least 10 dead in "racially motivated" Buffalo supermarket shooting

It won’t end the way they want it to…


We are unanimous. I will defend myself.


By any means necessary (or available.)


Damn right.


According to this source

The largest Conklin racial/ethnic groups are White (91.9%) followed by Hispanic (7.6%) and Black (0.6%).


In addition to immiserating POC financially and starving their communities of resources, redlining and other mechanisms of segregation have turned these places into “target-rich environments” for fascists and racists who want to go hunting for humans.


Have you been to Arizona? Because they can carry anywhere unless people request people not to, basically every single business has a sign like that at the door. Why? Because what reasonable business owner wants someone with a gun in their store or restaurant? It’s all very disturbing to see those signs absolutely everywhere, like a constant reminder that somewhere near you is a nut who would have a gun on him right now if he could.


The closest city is Binghamton. Binghamton was the headquarters of the KKK in the 1920’s, there are a lot of racist assholes throughout the region, have been for it’s existence. Not well researched, but some of the area were likely sundown towns, back in the day… Buffalo is high up in lists of most segregated cities in the state, that may have been his thinking. Or that he could escape through neighboring Canada.


Ideally they should point out the similarities to the shooter and TeeVee talker Tucker Carlson. Who allegedly has a fully formed mature brain, and is not experiencing economic anxiety.


I haven’t watched this bullshit. The headline is enough.


Given that some of the sites inspiring these terrorist acts in the US are located in other countries like the Philippines - they should be treated by the three letter agencies exactly like other terrorist activities and threats.


He danced around it being racially motivated, claimed it was a mystery, neglected to mention his colleague Tucker, then they curiously featured the “All Lives Matter” adjacent headline.


Believe me, I’m very well aware of the demographics of both the area this crime was committed in and of the area he came from. My thought was that other cities he’s equally close to have suffered equally if not more from segregation.

I’m not wishing he’d have gone somewhere else, and trying to figure out why he chose Buffalo over another city isn’t really a productive train of thought. I’m just processing my feelings out loud I suppose.


Buffalo shooter hated all people: Lawrence Jones

That reminds me of the “edited for television” version of Die Hard with a Vengeance.

In the original version of the film the terrorist makes Bruce Willis walk into a Black neighborhood with a sandwich board reading “I HATE [N-WORD]s,” but in the TV edit they changed it to “I HATE EVERYONE.”

One effect of that edit was that it made the Black characters’ reactions seem like an overreaction, especially the group of young men who want to beat the shit out of Bruce Willis. After all, it’s not like he was wearing anything that was attacking them specifically, right?

That’s exactly what Fox News is trying to do here.


To be clear, I assumed you knew that. I was providing more information re: his (apparently stated) reasons for targeting this particular place.


I haven’t. This is my first time back in the USA since 2016, when first I refused to enter when TFG was president, and then Covid outbreaks. But I saw something similar outside a Walmart here in Texas.

It’s all so jarring to see how the gun fetishism has metastasized in the years I was gone.


As someone who spends an increasing amount of time outside the States, just walking through an airport when I return is a disconcerting experience. Signs like that, ads for pharmaceuticals and private health insurers, banners fetishizing military service, Faux News on TVs in certain airports, etc. makes for a weird experience compared to other OECD countries.

Getting back to your original, on-topic point, it’s more evidence of how Second Amendment pseudo -originalism has warped th U.S.


I think most Americans have a “frog in the cooking pot” situation with all that stuff. It’s so pervasive and so gradually built up that people don’t notice it. Even the bazillion flags everywhere is alarming to, for example, Canadians who visit. We don’t generally have much for flags around. You see the occasional maple leaf in a corporate logo or a flag on a post office. But in America there’s always half a dozen flags in line of sight at all times in every form. It’s pretty bizarre, but Americans I’ve talked to about this have no idea. They assume all countries are bathed in shallow performative patriotism like that.


Lived in Texas my whole life. The gaslighting is extreme. Really extreme like as in five lights extreme. It’s always “over reported” and anything but absolute blind allegiance to the sanctity if the gun is an “agenda.” No matter how bad it gets the lies just get bigger to swallow up all natural reason.


You know, you remind me of how I was shocked at the crass, Saul Goodman style of lawyer advertising. Because it highlights in absentia the lack of other means to ensure compliance with safety laws, the predatory fighting over basic needs that goes on in Texas.

And that makes me think it is a symptom of what is, well, wrong with a lot of Americans. The way they not only view the world as a place where you got to look out for yourself, but how they preach that mindset with a missionary zeal. The Ayn Rand cult of sneering at compassion, at how they are not content do just go do their own thing, but have to tear down any guard rails, any safety nets the rest of the world puts in place. And then the inevitable surprise when the face eating leopards they want to watch attack others come back to tear their faces off.

I shall miss my parents when I return to Germany, but man, the USA just feels like a huge no-go zone right now.


Ngl I envy you.