Attack of the Tourons

MOSCOW, June 11. /TASS/. The two French tourists who were found near the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan, one of whom died, were not trying to break into the facility, a law enforcement source told TASS on Tuesday.


I would love to say that this is touron behaviour but, TBH I think there are lots of injured in the event, although usually english people.

In fact, these news were only a excuse because I wanted to share this music video :laughing:


Ok, for once I have a 100% legitimate not depressing touron newsreel :smiley:

I’ve never seen a moose, but I know I should not be near one if I can avoid it. Seems not everyone has the same measure of common sense.


Sheesh. Fuckwits.

Or as my mother used to say while shaking her head, “Men, men, men.”


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I can’t decide which are worst: the idiots who stand close enough to be bitten after seeing Ormonde’s attempts to bite all but the little kids who approach; the morons who almost get bitten, move away to avoid it, then return to the exact same spot and almost get bitten again; or the cretins who act shocked that Ormonde tries to bite them despite seeing him tryinta bite everyone else, and keep tryinta pet him, while telling him he’s naughty for continuing to try to bite them.


Sheesh. You just don’t stand that close to a horse you don’t know. And if they try to nip you once, back off and stop torturing the poor horse


That’s fucking terrible, but not unusual, unfortunately.


I usually complain a lot about Barcelona’s situation with overcrowding and tourism, but the Balear Islands are on a completely different level. The island is so overexploited and overcrowded workers have trouble finding accomodations, to the point our local branch office has an auxiliary bedroom for visiting guests and employees who found themselves not finding an affordable place.

And something we have not seen much in the rest of spain yet: people living in cars after getting kicked out of their homes to make more room for tourons.

Last time I breached this topic, some of my island friends basically described nightmare inducing “300sqft pile of stones next to a dirt road, 350k€” and “1000sqft in the most isolated town in the island, no public transportation, no running water (public fountain accessible), 1000€/month”

Sometimes I wish I had access to a death note or something like that :laughing:

ETA: Attached photo of a shepherd’s cottage I took a couple years ago in Zaragoza, because I was not able to find the original sale posting (probably retired because it was surely not legal), but you can get an Idea. Something like the thing in the photo, but a quarter the size, and a shittier road :laughing:


Your comments have made my decision not to visit Barcelona much easier. It’s one of my favorite places.


Well, is not my plan to discourage anyone from visiting Barcelona… Specially if
a) You don’t come in a cruise boat to spend the day hitting the “top 10 attractions”
b) You don’t come in a plane ticket that costs less than a pint of beer with the sole purpose of getting wasted and into fights
c) You don’t feel everyone in the city should exist to cater every whim that your brain can imagine. And that we should be grateful for that.

One would think is not much to ask… but you would be surprised (probably not, after all my posts :laughing: ).

sigh Well, summer is here, so I will have to sleep with the balcony open, with a bit of luck soon I will have some videos of the local fauna for you to enjoy :melting_face:


Well, I would visit Parc Guell, and Cocoa Samka, and sit on the Ramblas drinking sour orange juice and then have chocolate and churros, and then see the Museu de la Xhocolata and eat tapas at the Boqueria and……


Park Güell is too saturated; they now require tickets to be bought in advance. And the Boquería most classic places are being replaced by cheap fried food stands.

Cacao Sampaka is still open, though, and they still have delicious chocolates for everyone to taste; and while the ramblas may not be a nice place to enjoy anymore (price hiked way too much, and all the cruisers start there, so impossible to really enjoy, specially on high season), the Poblenou Rambla is not far, it still has nice bars, is a much closer experience to what barcelona is for the citizens, and is close to the beach for a later walk :smiley:

So, summarizing. The problem is not tourism itself. We’ve handling tourism fine since forever (Barcelona’s gothic quarter is the biggest lie ever; while is true it is “gothic”, most of the buildings got a facelift in the 19th century to attract tourists!).

The problem is overcrowding via massification, and the cheapening of the offer. Or in other words. The problem are tourons and the capitalist rich assholes who are buying our city store by store to cater to them.

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Oh Joyful day! An english “newspaper” has finally noticed the balcon league posts!

Love the characterization as “vile anti-tourist group”, that’s “sick” and “cruel”

I promise I will curb my posting but is touron season!


I mean, it’s the Daily Mail, so the “vile”, “sick” and “cruel” are projection…