Attempted Coup in the United States: Tracking Investigations and Fallout

This is a logical culmination of the Reagan presidency. He thought that the TV event or the photo op around a summit or meeting was the actual event and made sure to hit his marks and paid close attention to the setup. Whereas he slept through the business of government.


I think he was hard to reach because he wanted them to destroy the place, and do bodily harm to members of Congress, and wasn’t going to lift a finger to stop it. It’s no different than when he used to urge people at his political rallies to beat up protesters. He’s a flaccid, faux-mafioso.

He was angry at Congress for not overturning the election, and was watching in masturbatory pleasure at the view of what he felt was their just deserts.


And you know the old phrase … What goes around comes around. Maybe nobody should lift a finger for him anymore. See how long he lasts.


Yeah, he has a lot of bills coming due… you know, favors, offers he couldn’t refuseki, etc. I am really hoping for a solid impeachment that removes all his ex-president perks.


Video of an organized group picking its way through the general mob at the Capitol. Late for the party, or they waited until the mob was in place to provide cover?

Another poster:

One of the men pictured in this video has a visible Oath Keepers group patch on his kit.


I don’t know how to get past the paywall, but if you have any free articles left this month, this NYT timeline is really good:

It puts images side by side of the rally, the riots and the chambers at any given moment. And includes maps.


Pop pop must be proud of him


Given our current judiciary, he probably is.


I’m sorry, I just laughed loud enough to warrant comment on the other side of the house. I imagine him bragging on the internet:

“Yeah, I was there, we owned that shit. I was the one in the furs.”

“DUDE, you were the one with the buffalo horns and stuff?”

“Well, no. I was the other one wearing fur.”


Shocker: Blue Lives Matter cops don’t believe blue lives matter.


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Inside Job

I know it’s bad enough without this, but their actions also put all of their fellow cops at risk and got one killed.

Several U.S. Capitol Police officers have been suspended and more than a dozen others are under investigation for suspected involvement with or inappropriate support for the demonstration last week that turned into a deadly riot at the Capitol, according to members of Congress, police officials and staff members briefed on the developments.

Eight separate investigations have been launched into the actions of Capitol officers, according to one congressional aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the status of the internal review.

In one of the cases, officers had posted what Capitol Police investigators found to be messages showing support for the rally on Wednesday that preceded the attack on the complex, including touting President Trump’s baseless contention that the election had been stolen through voter fraud, the aide said.
Gotta rebuild it from scratch.

Atrios at 10:00


And then there were two.

  • A: Run of the mill covidiot shitheels.
  • B: Expected to be found by the insurrectionists, and wanted a clear sign that they were Republicans.
  • Pick one or both.
  • C: Thought it would be worth risking their lives to take out older Democratic members of Congress.

I gotta say, that one is quite a bit less overtly macho. I know nothing of him, but this pic makes me want to see the next one where he pulls out his inhaler. Very “What if Leonard from Big Bang Theory tried to overthrow the US government.”


late to this thread but fwiw…


Shivers. Don’t all the worst / most famous killers and assassins use three names.
Weird kind of trend, I know.



I think I saw a link to the interview with Pelosi here somewhere, where she’s surprised to learn her young aides knew to barricade the office door and hide in the dark, due to their schools’ active shooter drills growing up.
I don’t remember seeing it here, though, that those young aides hid under the desk in the dark in an inner office for 2 and a half hours! while the outer offices were occupied/ransacked, and while the rioters pounded on the doors where they were hiding shouting, “there have to be aides here somewhere. Let’s find them!”


LOL, that look on his face. My god, I just fucked my future. Fucking fucked it. Totally!


“There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!”


More generous than I’m willing to be.