Bannon back at Breitbart after Trump White House ouster: 'I've got my hands back on my weapons'


Yep, called it.


Bannon: ‘I’ve got my hands back on my weapons’

.and if Mr. Scaramucci is to be believed, his mouth back on his… um… gun.


News is about information sharing it isn’t a weapon.

“That’s adorable.”


What is it with these guys and weapons?

True, and not only because the adjective is Democratic.


Seconded, you did.




In Brietbart-world, the “Democrat” faction in the White House is Gary Cohn etc.

It’s a close cousin to globalist/cosmopolitan. Jews, basically.


I am confused… "but that presidency is over.” Soooo - he wasn’t racist and white nationalist enough for Bannon or something? He is going after Rupert, WTF did he do? Fox isn’t completely choking down Trump dick, but it still is the most Trump friendly.

If this is a case of the worst of the right eating itself, good. The ones left with some fucking sense who aren’t racists can maybe reform something new and better.


Both deserve an undignified death.


There has apparently been a multi-sided power struggle going on inside the West Wing.

However, it is the hardest angle of American politics to read, because it’s all internal. The only clues we have are White House leaks, and none of those can be taken at face value.

But it looks like the main factions are:

  1. RNC/Pence. Aimed at replacing Trump with Pence, restoring stability and locking down theocracy. Pence, Priebus, Spicer, McMaster, Comey. The least influential faction, and their influence is continuing to decline.

  2. Javanka. The mobster/financier’s wing. Jared, Ivanka, Cohn, the Mooch, etc. Aimed at looting the treasury. Now apparently engaging in increasingly open conflict with the…

  3. Fascists. Bannon, Miller, Gorka. Plus their friends of Charlottesville infamy. The most dangerous faction, and the one that has the strongest support from the GOP base.

On a surface reading, today was a win for Javanka over the Fascists. However, as mentioned: it’s hard to read the undercurrents. There’s a lot of kayfabe and deliberate media manipulation in play.

Bannon’s move back to Breitbart was apparently pre-planned, and may have been at Bannon’s own instigation. It’s certainly useful to the administration; it substantially deflects the heat they’ve been drawing for Charlottesville, which was beginning to look like it might inspire ordinary people to action.

Watch Wolff on Trump: He’s aware of who is Jewish in a way that feels creepy

You expressed my thoughts, but with better words. Bannon is going back to Breitbart to try to reinvigorate his agenda by further dividing the country.


…and there he goes crawling back under his rock. This jackal still thinks he achieved something due to his own abilities. All he can do now is go back to his role of a internet troll. Except this time he has a new set of people to fight. All he achieved is to actually add more enemies to his list.


"I’ve got my hands back on my weapons."
Bannon the Klanman.

Yeah, and never mind that laser dot across the back of your hand.


But that’s dictator 101. Stalin worked hard to get Lenin installed, then took over after Lenin died. With an elective system, Bannon doesn’t even have to wait for Trump to die.


I love the way these right-wing shitmongers strain sense, logic, and reality to try to find some way to declare victory.

This so perfectly illustrates what I learned long ago - real evil inevitably self-destructs. Because their ethos is nothing but repainted selfishness, it’s impossible for people who are truly evil to keep from turning on their cronies. And it’s impossible for them to ever think “that’s enough”. They must always continue to commit evil even when there’s no one left to do it to but themselves. A creature that is really evil will always eventually eat its own guts.


There’s no big surprise. Kelly moved in, made it clear to Bannon that he was not the puppetmaster of the Trump regime and would not be, Bannon got his poor little feelings hurt, and turned on his creation. Read “Frankenstein” and you will know everything you need to know about Steve Bannon.


Undignified? No. Substitute “humiliating, degrading, soul-destroying” for “undignified” and then you’re in the right ballpark.


FIFY :wink:



Steve Bannon versus Rupert Murdoch - hell bring it on. Perhaps two of the most repulsive men in America can finish one another off. We have to hope they are both destroyed in the fight, because to probably misquote AvP - ‘Whoever wins, we lose’.


It’s that they imagine feeling victorious, and work backwards from there. Telling ‘the truth’ as it needs to be for that victory to have already occurred. It’s gaslighting.