Bannon back at Breitbart after Trump White House ouster: 'I've got my hands back on my weapons'



I am pretty sure Brietbart has pretty much led the way with fake news for a few years now.



So, on one side: Javanka, Murdoch, Fox.

On the other: Bannon, Mercer, Breitbart.

Old money kleptocrats vs new money fascists.


Great, that’s terrible for Trump and Trump probably values family more. It’s literally a public rift in the GOP and a huge mess with Trump in the middle.


It’s very unclear which side Trump will take, if any. But my money’s on the Bannon/Mercer fascists.

Ivanka may be family, but she’s only a woman to Trump. If she gets in Daddy’s way too often, she’ll be just another Tiffany.

The significant current contest in American politics is the civil war within the GOP. It’s all buildup to the GOP primaries, which is where the future of the country will be decided.

Unless, of course, the people in the street choose to alter that trajectory.


No, but I’ll look it up… thx


This, i think, is the main point, and will remain the main point for the immediate future, although hopefully not much longer (finger crossed).

Not Trump. The Trump White House. A.k.a. the people in the administration that he considers enemies, the faction that @Wanderfound above calls

Trump himself is still too valuable to him still. I don’t think he’s ready to be Stalin yet.


Trump will always chooses family, they are intertwined with his money through and through. He runs all of his operation like the mob, and no matter how loyal Bannon and no matter how female Ivanka is choosing Bannon would go against Erik and Jr.


It’s been a while since i’ve read that, but i seem to remember that that candidate’s puppet handlers didn’t regularly make him look like a racist moron.
But seriously: much agreement. Plus both this and The Cobweb by the duo, both originally released under the name “Stephen Bury” are very good.


Except when he doesn’t. Family is an optional thing to him.


I guess that Trump isn’t supposed to target the Midwestern Coupon Queen, more the One-eye Window-licker :wink:


BTW, on the theme of “Trump can’t be antisemitic because he has a Jewish son-in-law”…not so much:


So I knew what a Neo-lib is but I had to look up both of those new acronyms. For others that don’t know: HTH, HAND = Hope that helps, have a nice day

I don’t believe that this is a actual falling out, Trump needs to put a little distance between him and the neo-nazis and since he can’t publicly condemn them without risking losing their support he just pushes Bannon away. This way he can sort of make credible that he wants to distance himself without actually doing so.

Bannon can keep in touch with the neo-nazis and keep them active for the cause without actually being connected to the white house. I believe this is mostly for optics, I don’t believe this will change much.

I’m would like to be proved wrong on this, I would love to see them rip themselves apart but I think it would be a mistake to rely on this too much.


Why I’m picking the Bannon/Mercer wing to win:


I think the next thing on the Breitbart timeline is to try to “primary” selected Republican targets up for election in 2018, as part of the long-term game plan.

Bannon definitely couldn’t do that from the White House. He’s previously said that he’d be out in August, and I think that’s that he meant.


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I had completely forgotten the focus groups. I’m definitely going to have to read this book again soon.


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