BARR COVERUP: Mueller told A.G. he failed to capture ‘context, nature, substance’ of Trump Russia report


So, as Mueller will be a private citizen, the AG will no longer be able to block him from testifying to Congress?


That’s my understanding.

And he’ll be one shortly.


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Meuller was never charged with the responsibility or indeed the authority to charge Trump with anything. That was never even a possibility.


And furthermore, after receiving this letter and the subsequent phone call, Barr went before Congress and testified that he had not spoken with the special counsel and was not aware of Mueller’s opinion of Barr’s summary.

“Did Bob Mueller support your conclusion?” Sen. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland asked on April 10 before a congressional committee.
“I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion,” Barr responded.

This was a clear lie to Congress.

Barr should not only be impeached, he should be disbarred, and convicted.


I see a very very long vacation coming. He doesn’t look like the type but, a white sand beach, crystal blue water and a few frozen margaritas might do him well at this point in his life.

After he dishes on the report et al of course.


Nah, nah, nah. Barr said, “I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion.” Now, if Barr had said, “Bob Mueller didn’t tell me that he didn’t support my conclusion” then that would be a lie. But Barr only claimed not to know what Mueller really thought, you know, deep down inside… whether Mueller knew it or not.

(please don’t let it be possible that someone takes this post as anything but sarcastic)


Reasons, something, something, why people hate lawyers.

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I would love to have Mueller explain what he thought Trump’s AG would do in this situation? Seriously, how was this not the most likely outcome for anyone paying attention, and how on earth did Mueller not anticipate it?

I’ve had this feeling from day one that eventually the Trump administration would force Mueller to go public, despite the fact that he’s kept his cards close to his chest during the whole investigation. The investigation is over now, he can go on “60 Minutes” and say exactly what he found in nice little soundbites.

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I’m not sure Mueller didn’t anticipate this. If Trump winds up in prison my money is on the prison belonging to New York state and the crimes being financial.


If so, his plans appear to be pretty shit thus far. Barr had two weeks to (mis)characterize the report as he did without Mueller or his team contradicting him, and at this point Democrats are left with a “well, actually…” position that is now as much a discussion of the investigation as it is about the contents of the investigation. The first public impression mattered on this, and Mueller counted on an AG Trump specifically picked for how he’d handle this matter to give an honest and forthright first impression to the country.

I think you’re right, though, that the real criminal danger to Trump comes from money laundering and fraud investigations that may come in NY and NJ.


Your Honor, I plead solipsism.


Barr is a Trump stooge and flunky.


How can we morally justify putting the only person who actually exists in prison?

I’m not sure that Barr actually helped Trump. I think in the end Barr might have made things worse for Trump. If the report had simply come out and the Trump white house had gone with, “Nothing new here” as the basic messaging tactic I think they might have done better than the whole, lie-and-say-there-is-nothing-then-get-proven-wrong strategy which makes the content of the report look bigger in comparison to the low bar they set.

But I won’t pretend I have any idea how this affects Trump’s chances at re-election.


What exactly do you think Mueller’s role is?

His remit is to investigate and to report. He has done that. What use is made of his report is up to others. He’s not a one-man whirlwind of justice.

I’m quietly keeping an eye on this one. I believe even the US takes fucking about with supposedly charity monies pretty seriously.

It’s nice to see some wikipedia editor has a sense of humour. One of the “See also” links is “Slush fund”.


Lindsey Graham: “WHAT ABOUT HER EMAILS?”


You may be right in the end, on Barr’s mis-characterization costing Trump in the long run, but at this point I can’t discount the likelihood that utter shamelessness and disregard/contempt for the institutions of government can get a President out of a lot of jams.

I hear ya. Whoever claims otherwise is fooling themselves.

If his role is truly so limited, I wonder why he sent the letter to Barr at all, and whether he will express any opinion when testifying before Congress about whether Barr mis-characterized his report, or he will simply state that he remitted his findings and what others do with them is not his concern?