Behold the Hipster Nativity Set

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One of the best nativity scenes I’ve seen, though it will soon have to be updated with Three Wise Drones instead.


I’d use the adjective “glorious”, but like, “glorious” is so last-year.


Yeah! Because caring about global warming is just a hipster pretention, like ironic facial hair.


I’m not feeling the Segway as a hipster thing. A hover board of some sort makes more sense. Should be at least one fixie.


And the duck face was done like five years ago. Slightly different face.

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Yeah, segways just aren’t a thing. They never happened. It’s a weird inclusion, and such a prominent part of the whole thing.

Fixies definitely; maybe vespas.


Starbucks? Certainly not. It should be a cup of pour-over from a local third wave coffee house.

Also, the shepherd should be listening to a vintage walkman with a pair of bulky over-ear headphones.

I could have done such a better job of this…


This sort of thing really is meant to appeal to the people who also have very little to do with hipsters, it would seem.


I saw this last year and my opinion remains the same: whoever made this has a different idea than I do of what makes a hipster. At least put a Godspeed You! Black Emperor t-shirt on one of the magi!

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Complaining about the details is such a hipster thing to do. But I bet Roy Moore will be all over this.


Who is this for?

People who believe in the Nativity scene will find this disrespectful.

People who don’t will find this pointless.

It has to be some niche who feel that the $109 price tag is worth the commentary on consumerism, social fads, and spoofing religion.

Was the duck face even a hipster thing? I put that down to the Karadashian set.

As a piece of commentary I think it is interesting (if not perfectly executed), but I’d never want to own one, especially at $109.

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This set is perfect if ones’ aim is to confuse religious and atheist visitors.


The 3 wise men represent 3 ethnic groups. Why not do the same with mom, dad and baby?

Needs more beards.

Is there even such a thing as a hipster virgin?

Check out the drink that “Mary” is holding. I guess the story of how the Magi followed a star will have to be amended. They zoomed in on Starbucks.

Maybe keep the wise men but show a couple of ‘angelic’ drones hovering overhead?